Send Birthday Photo Cake Online

If you want to leave an impressive memory to your friend on her birthday, then sending a birthday photo cake online can be the best tool to make her day. This is said to be the most appropriate tool to celebrate a birthday with some innovative ideas. Today, we can see how people are using photo cakes in all occasions so as to leave an unforgettable memory with a huge impact. And what makes it a unique option is its acceptance among the people. It is not confined to only friends’ party; rather you can see parents using photo cakes in their children’s birthday or another big day.

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As the name suggests, the best attractive part of a photo cake is the top of it that has a very special photo. You can ask the professionals to portray a photo of yours—which can make your friend recall that particular moment. It might be the moment when you both met, or the day when you both had some special outings.


If there is something that you want her to recall at her birthday, then don’t avoid using a photo cake in Faridabad. It may provide you with a lot of opportunities to make the day very special and memorable.

Online shops for choosing your photo cake:
While you may have so many options to go for buying your preferred photo cake, but an online store comes up featured with so many worthwhile elements that can help you find your preferred photo cake without any problem. When it comes to choosing a perfect one without wasting your valuable hour, you will find it quite comfortable at the online shops to the photo cake online delivery in a real time without any obstacle.


Some of the online stores are designed to offer only photo cakes, whereas some online shops do offer a range of birthday cakes in different categories. You can visit at and get free online cake delivery in Faridabad at best rate. Based on your personal preferences, choose a particular store and place your order for a photo cake. In addition, the store does also allow you to narrow down your options in terms of weight—they have different cake options ranging from half kg cake to 3-5 kg cakes.


Some of the popular photo cakes are Heart Shape Chocolate Photo cake, Red Velvet Photo Cake, Vanilla Photo Cake, Anniversary Photo Cake, Butterscotch Photo cake, and much more.
So you should never worry if you have no time left and you want to plan for a beautiful and attractive photo cake. It’s all easy and convenient to place your order through the online store.


7 romantic photo cake ideas

Have you as a lover ever imagined what is the right and secret way of telling someone that you love them unconditionally? Obviously you might have some gift ideas striking your mind for giving someone as a token of your love. Things become more important when they give you a reason to show your love and affection openly alone or among all. You can find these occasions in the form of a birthday, anniversary, Valentines’ Day, etc. When there is an occasion, you need to get benefited from that occasion with a perfect and unique gift that takes your romance to the next level. If you are living in Faridabad, then you can try designer cakes in Faridabad through some online cake shops that deal in the selling and supplying of photo cakes for adding more spice to your romance with him or her.


If you are searching for the best online cakes in Noida, Faridabad or Gurgaon, then you need to check out what is available around at an online cake shop that you like. If you need some help to find some really different ideas for a photo cake, try these teasers.

  1. Two love birds, two cute animals and two flowers touching each other is simply the best photo image that is liked by all without a doubt.
  2. Your wedding photograph with some lovely moments is enough to take things to the next level when you think of a perfect cake topping. Flavors can be your own choice.
  3. As the trend of taking selfies has captured all, it is high time to send your online cake shop a latest selfie where both of you are close to each other and pouring love on each other.
  4. A photograph that depicts the scenario when you meet him or her first time almost a stranger will be a special idea. If you don’t have such a photograph, then try another image that both of you captured for the first with each other.
  5. Nothing can be a great option than a delicious hand crafted cake, ready to serve you with a personalized and loving inscription imprinted on the top of your cake along with your intimate photograph.
  6. Romance means love in the air so the mesmerizing idea to give a new face to the photo cake is adding your photos where you are seen as a couple kissing each other.
  7. If you are bold and can go beyond limit, why don’t you ask your cake designer for adding an edible rice layer paper for a photo cake where you are seen closer or almost physical with your partner? Go for it when hugging and kissing are not enough for you.

These 7 ideas are simply going to rock and make things happen via a photo cake online delivery service for you.


What Are Photo Cake Delivery on this birthday?

There are various cake categories that you can easily consider for celebrating a number of occasions on the basis of cake options, including Christmas Cakes, Hanukkah Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes, Hen Party Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Christening Cakes, Corporate Cakes, Holy Communion Cakes, Congratulations Cakes, Sorry Cakes, etc. Can you believe all these cakes come to you with your own image on the top of cakes you have placed by an order? There is no dearth of online cakes in Delhi that you can have with photo cakes and have the same delivered at your doorstep with a photo cake online delivery service for different occasions, including birthday. Have you ever imagined what a photo cake delivery can do when it comes to your birthday?


It is quite easy to place an order for the best birthday cake and also get the same on time, but the magic of having a photo cake is simply out of description. Personalized edible icing images make your cake look alive and unique. Before you get a photo cake on your birthday, there are different processes that are done to imprint an image on the top of the cake. A photo is the first priority as far as uploading of a photo cake is concerned. When novice Internet users upload a photo, it is likely that they experience difficulties in doing the same. That is why it is necessary to have a photo that perfectly fits the following specifications:


  • There should be an image in JPEG format as images in Word Document and PDF will not work at all.
  • A photo with low resolution or image size will to make things happen, so avoid uploading the same photo.
  • If cake lovers find it hard to upload photo, they can send the photo via an email. Then cake shop will upload the image itself onto the correct cake design.
  • If you choose to send the photo via an email, don’t forget to include the following in your email: Attach the image(s) you wish us to upload; mention the product code number; a registered email address; choose a dispatch option; the size of the cake needed for the occasion; the cake recipe of your preference; and a contact phone number.


If you follow all these mentioned-above instructions carefully, then you will be able to place an online cake order in an effective manner and get the delivery of the same lustrous cake a photo cake delivery at your doorstep. An online cake delivery in Delhi NCR and other nearby locations can do wonders for cake lovers if it is a photo cake delivery that promises the delivery of happiness and fun to all on the special occasion of birthdays. If your need is a photo birthday cake, then you should send images to be printed on the cake in advance to avoid any chaos.

Why Everyone Loves Online Cake Delivery In Noida

All of have become habitual of being served sitting home in a comfortable position, especially when it comes to buying any commercial or domestic use product. Thanks to the online world for making people lazy and saving their valuable time at the same time. Be it celebration of any birthday party or an anniversary party in and the outskirts of Noida. Noida is big and growing industrial city where a large number of people work and reside. The city is also ready to cater all needs with its physical and civic infrastructure. When it comes to the social aspects of the city, there are lots of online shops that are ready to offer people what they want to celebrate their important occasions. In the same manner, professional and trusted cake shops are ready offer a variety of cakes and serve them to you with an online cake delivery in Noida.



The virtual cake shop comes to your home through a laptop, a desktop or a smart phone. You need not make a personal visit to the cake shop when you need to make things happen with the best and flawless designer cakes in Noida. And the same is possible with online cake delivery services from professional cake shops. Now the question is why everyone loves online cake delivery in Noida. The answer to the same question can be different as per varied needs of cake lovers. But comfort, time saving, and easiness are the three common factors that always tempt online users to go for the service of the online world. Let’s have a causal look at some points that make you feel the value and importance of cake delivery services. Some of them include:



         Growing trend: First of all, online cake delivery service is the latest in fashion and all of us like get everything laid on our table. That is why we welcome the trend and like to go with what is available in the competitive market.

         Increased level of comfort and convenience: If you get everything at home without shaking your hand and leg, then you should say thanks to the cake shop for offering a wide assortment of yummy and palatable cakes in mouthwatering flavors.

         No traffic woes: You are lying on a sofa watching your favorite TV show and someone is stuck in the heavy traffic carrying your cake order. And you are not paying for this cake delivery service in Delhi NCR.

         Time management: You hardly invest 5 minutes for getting a cake that generally consume more than 2-3 hours if you go to the local cake shop.

         Cake delivered at doorsteps: You are like a boss who responds when you answer the door bell.

         High customer satisfaction: You get exactly the same that you ordered as per your changing cake and party needs.

All these factors are proven and make a big difference when you expect everything without putting a single step out of your home. Moreover, it is a photo cake online delivery that you will never get with a physical cake shop near you.

Decorating your cake with photo

It is really unimaginable that you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary with no cake on the table. A cake has been a part and parcel of all important occasions since decades. When you are not satisfied with the list of cakes available at an online cake shop, you need to do something different to add some magic and color to the occasion. A photo cake can make you go wild and rock the party in an effective manner. A photo is an individual identity showing for whom the sweet dessert is meant for on a special occasion in the national capital of India and its nearby areas. There is no dearth of cakes online in Delhi, all you need to know how you can have the best photo cake online delivery and decorate them with your choice ingredients.



All cake shops claim that they are the best and can give you something unique that is beyond your imagination. Now, it is up to you how you take things ahead.  All of us understand what a photo cake is and how we can get them online through a day or a midnight cake delivery. Above all, things are all about a photo cake and its decoration as per your taste and preferences. Although cake designers have their own ways and styles to make a cake look highly decorated and enticing, yet you can also share your thoughts with designers.


Decoration of a photo cake mainly depends upon the available ingredients used to make inside and outside materials of the cake. Cake designers give preference to the floral designs around the cake, liquid or solid edible toppings, real flowers and creeping, and some characters over the cake where a photo and toppings make a perfect image. Although there is hardly any room for decoration when it is a photo cake as the upper structure of the cake is covered with an image so that decoration part can be the walls of the cake.  When you opt for a photo cake online, you should know what your cake designer for you in advance. They can suggest you better ways to decorate a photo cake without ruining its originality.


It is not easy to know if you are going in the right direction or not as all cake designers boast of their flawless works. Here you need to be a good judge and check the reality before taking things to the next level. If you can compare two photo cake delivering websites and their services for having a dream photo cake, you will be able to know what is good for you and what is not good for you.  A comparison between two things always helps you know what is better for you and your need to have a photo cake decorated with a number of ingredients.