Send Birthday Photo Cake Online

If you want to leave an impressive memory to your friend on her birthday, then sending a birthday photo cake online can be the best tool to make her day. This is said to be the most appropriate tool to celebrate a birthday with some innovative ideas. Today, we can see how people are using photo cakes in all occasions so as to leave an unforgettable memory with a huge impact. And what makes it a unique option is its acceptance among the people. It is not confined to only friends’ party; rather you can see parents using photo cakes in their children’s birthday or another big day.

Designer Cakes For Girls


As the name suggests, the best attractive part of a photo cake is the top of it that has a very special photo. You can ask the professionals to portray a photo of yours—which can make your friend recall that particular moment. It might be the moment when you both met, or the day when you both had some special outings.


If there is something that you want her to recall at her birthday, then don’t avoid using a photo cake in Faridabad. It may provide you with a lot of opportunities to make the day very special and memorable.

Online shops for choosing your photo cake:
While you may have so many options to go for buying your preferred photo cake, but an online store comes up featured with so many worthwhile elements that can help you find your preferred photo cake without any problem. When it comes to choosing a perfect one without wasting your valuable hour, you will find it quite comfortable at the online shops to the photo cake online delivery in a real time without any obstacle.


Some of the online stores are designed to offer only photo cakes, whereas some online shops do offer a range of birthday cakes in different categories. You can visit at and get free online cake delivery in Faridabad at best rate. Based on your personal preferences, choose a particular store and place your order for a photo cake. In addition, the store does also allow you to narrow down your options in terms of weight—they have different cake options ranging from half kg cake to 3-5 kg cakes.


Some of the popular photo cakes are Heart Shape Chocolate Photo cake, Red Velvet Photo Cake, Vanilla Photo Cake, Anniversary Photo Cake, Butterscotch Photo cake, and much more.
So you should never worry if you have no time left and you want to plan for a beautiful and attractive photo cake. It’s all easy and convenient to place your order through the online store.


Send Anniversary Photo Cakes

It is usual to find photo cakes when you are online and you can easily have them for a number of events and occasions as per your changing needs. Be it your birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion, you can expect a variety of photo cakes that directly suit your taste and cake needs. You will get the best photo cakes when you make cake designers understand what you need exactly and how the cake should be represented in a way that it creates a magic. A good understanding between a cake lover and cake designer will definitely give birth to a great creation that will make a big magic. Let’s have a look at some of the best anniversary cakes as photo cakes that you can use in order to make a big difference to the occasion.


If you need stylish cake without cakes, then an almond cream cake, a snickers cake, a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake, or a red velvet cakes can do wonders. But if you need something out of description, then following are some cake options for you to look forward to enjoying the anniversary moment. If you are looking for a photo cake in Faridabad, then these things can give you a big reason to throw a party and invite people in your house for be a part of your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary event.


  • An image showing you hold your wife in your hands in a natural location where everything has become silent for a moment.
  • An image showing you hold her hand and walking into a garden where loads of smiling flowers says happy wedding anniversary.
  • An image showing your wedding photograph where both of you are sitting on a grand stage with thick garlands around your neck.
  • An image showing your private moments together when you were unmarried and look quite young.
  • A recent selfie captured via a smartphone catching her innocent and crazy look in a perfect manner.

If you don’t have any such image captured, then you can also talk to your cake designers and send them 4-5 photographs. They will pick the best image and will develop the same on the edible rice paper. Once it is ready you are ready to get the same via a cake delivery in Faridabad.

Designer Cakes For Girls

Honey butter cream and pistachio cake; mascarpone cream and toasted almond cake; black forest cake; vanilla cake with apricot butter creams, and banana cake can be a surprise pack for you if you go for these options with a wedding anniversary image settled on the top of the cake. When you are ready in Faridabad, online cake shops are also ready to make a big difference with your choice photo cakes for anniversary delivered at your preferred location through Faridabad cake delivery which is timely and reliable.


Cake For All Occasions

Every day is a great occasion and big event for you as you need no special time and date to celebrate things. But the value and importance of any event or occasion becomes manifold when it belongs to you on particular day and time. When it is high time to take things to the next level and throw a surprise time at a short notice, you only need to do is to check out what is available at the best cake shops physically or virtually. If you choose a physical cake shop you have some or hardly a few options for all occasions. On the other hand, there is an online world that is ready to cater your changing needs matching the need of the occasion. Moreover, you have an advantage in the form of a fast and reliable online cake delivery in Faridabad.

tom and jerry cake

When you ready, it means that the online cake shop is also ready to give you something unique that will make feel happy and excited as well. Whether you are looking for a heart shaped cake or a photo cakes in Faridabad, following is a list of some of the top cakes available at an online cake store. Just choose what sort of cake can be a fit your table top where people are ready to clap for you and share your sweet dessert. Just check out what is offered below:

  • Cakes for weddings: Artwork, Classic Cakes, Traditional Cakes, Custom-Designed Cakes, Rustic Cakes, Indian Wedding Cakes, Themed Cakes, Colored Cakes, Seasonal, Shapes, Raised Tiers, Wedding Collections, Cupcake Cakes, Groom’s Cakes, and Bride’s Cakes.
  • Cakes for showers: Gender Reveal, Baby Showers, and Wedding Showers.
  • Cakes for birthdays: Edible Images, General, Boys, Girls, First Birthday, Smash Cakes, Adult Female, Adult Male, Milestones, Purses, and Sports.
  • Cakes for Celebrations: Every day Cakes, Graduation, Holidays, Miscellaneous, Not Your Everyday Cakes, Retirement, and Sports.
  • Cakes for Religious Occasions: Diwali, Holi, 1st Communion, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Christening, Christmas, and General.
  • Cakes for Anniversaries: 1st, 2nd, 10th, 25th, 50th and many others.
  • Cakes for engagements and great corporate events


All mentioned-above cake types are widely used for different parts of the world, including industrial city Faridabad near the national capital of India. Just place an order for any cake type and get ready to have the same delivered at your doorstep with a timely and fast midnight cake delivery in Faridabad in the least amount of time. If you have any online cake shop in mind for getting a long list of special cakes for all occasions in various colors and designs, make sure you get the best product at a price tag that is not only affordable but also soft on your pocket. Thanks to online cake delivery in Faridabad that is totally committed for making things happen in your favor.

Buy  and send tom and jerry cake and you can give a wonderful surprise on your kid’s birthday. Cartoon cakes would be the best birthday cake /  gifts for kids on their birthday.  Don’t be late and let us know your kid’s favorite cartoon character and will make the same cake designs for you.



Let’s enjoy customized cakes online for upcoming occasion

Sweet desserts and occasions are complement to each other as no occasion can be celebrated without sweets and a variety of sweets are the best food items to make an occasion look complete. When you need to pick a sweet item that has the ability to drag everyone to it, a cake catches all eyes and makes a big difference. Cakes are available in all sizes, designs, types, flavors, and style as per the need of the occasion and event. The only thing you need to do is to find the best photo cake in faridabad and any other destination near the national capital of India.


A customized cake can be great sweet dessert for your upcoming occasions. When you are ready and when the online cake shop is ready to make a big difference, it is high time to take things to the next level and place an online order for your choice cake that has the ability to make everyone clap for you when it is placed quietly on the table top with a bang. Let’s have a look at some of the cakes that are made for a number of occasions that are celebrated with great pomp and show. And you can easily have them delivered at your doorstep with a professional midnight cake delivery in Faridabad. The list includes the following surprises. These include:



  • Anniversary Cakes
  • Baby Shower Cake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Annprashan Cake
  • Christmas Cakes
  • Dating Cake
  • Mother’s Day Cake
  • Father’s Day Cake
  • Halloween Day Cake
  • Rakhi Cake
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Cake
  • Diwali Cake
  • Independence Cake
  • Bachelor Party Cake
  • New Year Cake
  • Valentines’ Day Cake
  • Wedding Cake

Simply think of cakes by flavors and choose any of the following cake for your upcoming occasion without wasting even a single second. These include Fresh Fruit Cakes, Pine Apple Cake, Black Forest Cake, Butter Scotch Cake, Blueberry Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, KitKat Gems Cake, 3 Layer Cake, Black Forest Heart Shape Cake, Heart Shape Strawberry Cake, Butter Scotch Fruit Cake, Football-Themed Cake, Cartoon-Themed Cake, and Individual Photo Cake. These cake gems are easily available at top online cake shops that are enough to cater your changing cake needs. Simply choose a cake that is your cup of tea and sit back on your soft and wait for the cake delivery boy ring the bell and offer you the best with anniversary or birthday cake delivery in Faridabad.



If you are interested in taking things to the next stage without wasting your precious time and energy, it is high time to enjoy customized cakes available online for your upcoming occasion. Just find, like, and place an online cake order and get ready to throw a stunning party on the spot with a cake delivery: Free or paid.

Photo cake is most wonderful cake ever

A photo or series of photos used to look the most attractive when they are clad in a photo album. These days, they are part and parcel of almost all mobiles. Thanks to front and back camera features for making selfies and groups photo a normal features. Now go one step ahead and find the same photographs on the top of an edible cake. Yes, you heard the right but weird looking thing. As cakes are the soul of any function or events in Faridabad and its nearby area, a photo cake is most wonderful cake ever that has the capability to take things to the next level. Moreover, an online cake delivery in Faridabad is ready to give you exactly the same that can make a big difference in the least amount of time.


A photo cake has definitely something special that other ordinary cakes miss clearly. If flavor, size, and weight of the cake are taken into consideration, all cakes are same. Only the topping of the cake always matters the most. Ordinary cake has some selective designs on the top. On the other hand, a photo cake has the layer of an edible rice paper settled on the top of the cake. A photo cakes in Faridabad can be of different types. It can be a cartoon character photo cake, a celebrity photo cake, a TV character photo cake, or an individual photograph cake that has an image that is more close to your heart.


A midnight cake delivery in Faridabad promises you the best help when you can’t wait for the first ray of the sun to be a part of your next day life. Using this sort of cake delivery for celebrating any occasion with photo cake is a great way to bring the best out of wonderful photo cakes of all sizes and types.

Following is a brief list of some of the popular photo cakes that are available at every nook and corner. Have a look at them and check out what is in it for you:

  • Personalized photo cake and customized photo cake
  • Angry Bird photo cake and Tom & Jerry photo cake
  • Ben 10 photo cake and Chota Bheem photo cake
  • Ninjahatori photo cake and Spiderman photo cake
  • Barbie Doll photo cake and Minion photo cake
  • Mickey Mouse photo cake and TV celebrity photo cake
  • Jungle image photo cake and hot girls photo cakes for adults


There are also some gift packs, dry fruits, flowers, and soft toys that you can send to your loved ones along with a photo cake that is made only for the person for whom it is meant for. Simply choose any cake and ask your online cake shop for some unique gifts that are capable of marking the occasions in a never before way.

Send online birthday surprise in the midnight

Can you imagine what birthday surprise you can have in the midnight? The answer to this question can be tricky or it can leave to get guessed. Getting a birthday gift at midnight is possibly an out of the box thinking but it is not totally impossible. There can be a long list of gift items wrapped in colorful packs that can make you feel excited. But there are some special gift items that will definitely make you feel stunned with a single glimpse of a sweet dessert that is hundreds of year old in terms of tradition and most stylish in terms of flavor and uniqueness. Yes, we are simply talking about a midnight cake delivery in delhi NCR that bring happiness and make you feel distinguished when you find a gift from your loved ones through a birthday cake delivery in Faridabad or its nearby areas.


If you are interested in sending online birthday surprise in the midnight, then the best thing you can do is to look around and check what is available online that you can use to add more variety and style to the occasion of your near and dear ones. If he or she is naughty and have turned adult, then you can have an adult cake or an intimate photo cake in Faridabad. If it is for family, then a photo cake will certainly steal all hearts. Online birthday cakes with flowers will certainly add more magic and excitement to the occasion for which an online cake is meant for.


Birthday Cakes come to your service in popular forms and categories, including delicious cakes, eggless cakes, 5 star cakes, and themed cakes. They are simply available a low to high price tag and from a high to low price tag. It is up to you what you choose as per your changing food habits and importance of the occasion. A midnight birthday cake is generally ordered by someone who forgot to order anything for a birthday girl and boy or someone is not able to reach personally to wish someone for whom the birthday is meant for. When the distance is long and two people can’t come close on a special day, a midnight cake delivery  becomes the best way to send warm wishes.


Order cake online in Delhi and any other part of the NCR and get ready to take things to the next level. Nothing will make the gift finder become highly thankful to you than a bunch of fresh flowers that always smile and make others smile too. And you get this bunch of seasonal flowers along with a flavorful cake that says thousands of words when you read the top inscription “Happy Birthday.” Of course! It is midnight and the person who sent the cake is not there, but his or her best wishes are with you. So, celebrate your birthday with a bang.


25th Anniversary photo cake ideas

Looking for some inspirational ideas for having beautiful silver anniversary cakes? If your answer is yes, then you needn’t run from pillar to post for doing the same as there in dearth of ideas around. The only thing you have to do is to match those ideas with your anniversary cake needs. You can simply start the things by perceiving around or can take help from Google for a striking idea as per food preferences and trendy sweet desserts. It is clear that anniversary is directly proportion to the number. With every new anniversary, a number is added and your relationship with him or her gets condensed. If it is your 25th wedding anniversary and you want to celebrate it in a style, then photo cakes can do magic and help you get the same at your doorsteps with online photo cake delivery in Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.

If you are ready this year, why don’t get a cake with silver leaf, metallic finishes and pale grey color palettes taking the tinge of cake designs to the next level. Just look for trendy designs that can incorporate metallic silver luster and leaf in cakes. Make sure it never meddle the cake toppings that is nothing but a presentation of your 25 years journey with your better half. Check website of the cake shops and find the best silver wedding cake designs that can be a terrific centerpiece for a silver anniversary celebration. Cake lovers looking for a photo cake in Faridabad for the purpose of wedding anniversary celebration can do wonder by taking help from leading cake designers, if you have a good budget.

Tiered cakes have always been in huge demand and the first choice for throwing a party and pleasing everyone around. If you have a long list of guest this 25th wedding anniversary, then 2 or 3-tier cakes can make a big difference as they come in quatrefoil patterns. Such cakes are simply a milestone in the cake decorating moments. Thing become a point of talk when stylish and sumptuous floral work shakes hand with a luxury silver anniversary cake design. Nothing can be mesmerizing, then a beautiful 2-tier cake that is available with a pretty silver lattice pattern having sugar flowers with silvery foliage as toppings. If you can have this, make sure you are going to do magic with a stunning anniversary cake design or silver anniversary cake. And a popular and reliable a cake delivery in Noida is ready to take things to the next level.

If you need something more than what we have discussed above, the bet is a beautiful vintage style anniversary cake that is simply ready to make a wonderful silver anniversary cake. It is simply magical and enticing with its antiqued silver scroll pattern. Above, all it is you and your individual food preferences that can affect your cake buying decision. If you have an idea, it will be great for you if you can share the same with cake designers for a great fusion.