Send Birthday Photo Cake Online

If you want to leave an impressive memory to your friend on her birthday, then sending a birthday photo cake online can be the best tool to make her day. This is said to be the most appropriate tool to celebrate a birthday with some innovative ideas. Today, we can see how people are using photo cakes in all occasions so as to leave an unforgettable memory with a huge impact. And what makes it a unique option is its acceptance among the people. It is not confined to only friends’ party; rather you can see parents using photo cakes in their children’s birthday or another big day.

Designer Cakes For Girls


As the name suggests, the best attractive part of a photo cake is the top of it that has a very special photo. You can ask the professionals to portray a photo of yours—which can make your friend recall that particular moment. It might be the moment when you both met, or the day when you both had some special outings.


If there is something that you want her to recall at her birthday, then don’t avoid using a photo cake in Faridabad. It may provide you with a lot of opportunities to make the day very special and memorable.

Online shops for choosing your photo cake:
While you may have so many options to go for buying your preferred photo cake, but an online store comes up featured with so many worthwhile elements that can help you find your preferred photo cake without any problem. When it comes to choosing a perfect one without wasting your valuable hour, you will find it quite comfortable at the online shops to the photo cake online delivery in a real time without any obstacle.


Some of the online stores are designed to offer only photo cakes, whereas some online shops do offer a range of birthday cakes in different categories. You can visit at and get free online cake delivery in Faridabad at best rate. Based on your personal preferences, choose a particular store and place your order for a photo cake. In addition, the store does also allow you to narrow down your options in terms of weight—they have different cake options ranging from half kg cake to 3-5 kg cakes.


Some of the popular photo cakes are Heart Shape Chocolate Photo cake, Red Velvet Photo Cake, Vanilla Photo Cake, Anniversary Photo Cake, Butterscotch Photo cake, and much more.
So you should never worry if you have no time left and you want to plan for a beautiful and attractive photo cake. It’s all easy and convenient to place your order through the online store.


Midnight Cake Delivery at Your Doorsteps

Gone are the days when midnight delivery of your choice cake was possible only in imagination. Now, you can expect a cake delivery boy standing outside your door and knocking at your door to get your attention at a time when the whole world has settled into the bed. It is common to have the same day cake delivery and 3 hours cake delivery for having a variety of cakes, but getting the best cakes at a short notice and delivered within 2-3 hours at midnight is possible only with midnight cake delivery services. Thanks to online cake shops for making things happen when you expect nothing than the best.

There are many online cake shops active online to cater all cake needs of cake lovers in Faridabad and its nearby areas. These shops are ready to serve all cake lovers with a big assortment of cakes available by occasions, weight, and price tag. You can order a half kg cake, one kg cake, 2 kg cake, and 5 kg cake as a midnight cake that is affordable but you have to pay for midnight cake delivery service as it is paid after working hours are over.

Cake delivery service providing team knows the importance of all occasion and the meaning of timely deliverables. That is why they are always on time and never miss a chance to make cake lovers feel happy. With a complete and thorough knowledge of locations and places of Faridabad, they give a new meaning to the customer service and Faridabad cake delivery in a new manner.

With midnight cake delivery service from professional cake shops, you can easily expect cartoon themed, adult cakes, or photo cake online. Almost everywhere is the prime feature of the online cake shops that make the shop more committed to serve all changing needs. Such a cake delivery service makes things happen for the people who are running out of the time. With a right cake delivery service, you can expect delivery of an ordered cake with seasonal flowers in 3 hours or less than the same time, if there is an emergency and cake lovers can’t wait as they have to surprise their near and dear ones with a beautiful cake when the gap between the day and night has ended.


No matter you want to have a small order or an order in bulk at a time when there no cake delivery service in Faridabad, some online cake shops are ready to give you a fresh cake with all genuine ingredients in the least amount time. If you have a cake in mind and you need the same within hours at 12 am or later, then online cake delivery in Faridabad can give you a reason to let the party begin and make a noise around.

Cake For All Occasions

Every day is a great occasion and big event for you as you need no special time and date to celebrate things. But the value and importance of any event or occasion becomes manifold when it belongs to you on particular day and time. When it is high time to take things to the next level and throw a surprise time at a short notice, you only need to do is to check out what is available at the best cake shops physically or virtually. If you choose a physical cake shop you have some or hardly a few options for all occasions. On the other hand, there is an online world that is ready to cater your changing needs matching the need of the occasion. Moreover, you have an advantage in the form of a fast and reliable online cake delivery in Faridabad.

tom and jerry cake

When you ready, it means that the online cake shop is also ready to give you something unique that will make feel happy and excited as well. Whether you are looking for a heart shaped cake or a photo cakes in Faridabad, following is a list of some of the top cakes available at an online cake store. Just choose what sort of cake can be a fit your table top where people are ready to clap for you and share your sweet dessert. Just check out what is offered below:

  • Cakes for weddings: Artwork, Classic Cakes, Traditional Cakes, Custom-Designed Cakes, Rustic Cakes, Indian Wedding Cakes, Themed Cakes, Colored Cakes, Seasonal, Shapes, Raised Tiers, Wedding Collections, Cupcake Cakes, Groom’s Cakes, and Bride’s Cakes.
  • Cakes for showers: Gender Reveal, Baby Showers, and Wedding Showers.
  • Cakes for birthdays: Edible Images, General, Boys, Girls, First Birthday, Smash Cakes, Adult Female, Adult Male, Milestones, Purses, and Sports.
  • Cakes for Celebrations: Every day Cakes, Graduation, Holidays, Miscellaneous, Not Your Everyday Cakes, Retirement, and Sports.
  • Cakes for Religious Occasions: Diwali, Holi, 1st Communion, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Christening, Christmas, and General.
  • Cakes for Anniversaries: 1st, 2nd, 10th, 25th, 50th and many others.
  • Cakes for engagements and great corporate events


All mentioned-above cake types are widely used for different parts of the world, including industrial city Faridabad near the national capital of India. Just place an order for any cake type and get ready to have the same delivered at your doorstep with a timely and fast midnight cake delivery in Faridabad in the least amount of time. If you have any online cake shop in mind for getting a long list of special cakes for all occasions in various colors and designs, make sure you get the best product at a price tag that is not only affordable but also soft on your pocket. Thanks to online cake delivery in Faridabad that is totally committed for making things happen in your favor.

Buy  and send tom and jerry cake and you can give a wonderful surprise on your kid’s birthday. Cartoon cakes would be the best birthday cake /  gifts for kids on their birthday.  Don’t be late and let us know your kid’s favorite cartoon character and will make the same cake designs for you.



Photo cake is most wonderful cake ever

A photo or series of photos used to look the most attractive when they are clad in a photo album. These days, they are part and parcel of almost all mobiles. Thanks to front and back camera features for making selfies and groups photo a normal features. Now go one step ahead and find the same photographs on the top of an edible cake. Yes, you heard the right but weird looking thing. As cakes are the soul of any function or events in Faridabad and its nearby area, a photo cake is most wonderful cake ever that has the capability to take things to the next level. Moreover, an online cake delivery in Faridabad is ready to give you exactly the same that can make a big difference in the least amount of time.


A photo cake has definitely something special that other ordinary cakes miss clearly. If flavor, size, and weight of the cake are taken into consideration, all cakes are same. Only the topping of the cake always matters the most. Ordinary cake has some selective designs on the top. On the other hand, a photo cake has the layer of an edible rice paper settled on the top of the cake. A photo cakes in Faridabad can be of different types. It can be a cartoon character photo cake, a celebrity photo cake, a TV character photo cake, or an individual photograph cake that has an image that is more close to your heart.


A midnight cake delivery in Faridabad promises you the best help when you can’t wait for the first ray of the sun to be a part of your next day life. Using this sort of cake delivery for celebrating any occasion with photo cake is a great way to bring the best out of wonderful photo cakes of all sizes and types.

Following is a brief list of some of the popular photo cakes that are available at every nook and corner. Have a look at them and check out what is in it for you:

  • Personalized photo cake and customized photo cake
  • Angry Bird photo cake and Tom & Jerry photo cake
  • Ben 10 photo cake and Chota Bheem photo cake
  • Ninjahatori photo cake and Spiderman photo cake
  • Barbie Doll photo cake and Minion photo cake
  • Mickey Mouse photo cake and TV celebrity photo cake
  • Jungle image photo cake and hot girls photo cakes for adults


There are also some gift packs, dry fruits, flowers, and soft toys that you can send to your loved ones along with a photo cake that is made only for the person for whom it is meant for. Simply choose any cake and ask your online cake shop for some unique gifts that are capable of marking the occasions in a never before way.

Get Same Day Delivery on Photo Cake At Faridabad

A photo cake is the newest addition to the world of online cake where cakes carry a customized image on the top. With photo cakes, one an easily relish the lip-smacking flavors of the finest quality cakes. In order to enjoy and create memorable birthday or anniversary experiences in the presence of your loved ones, ensure that you send an online photograph and a photo cake by ensuring a timely and professional online cake delivery in Faridabad. If you love to have a photo on your choice cake, then chocolate cakes, eggless cakes, designer cakes in delhi, butterscotch cakes, vanilla cakes, black forest cakes, five star cakes, and heart shaped cakes are ready to make a big difference. If you expect a photo cake at a short notice, then it can be a challenging job your online cake shop.


Although it is hard to expect and get the same day midnight cake delivery in Faridabad and its nearby areas, yet it is possible. Normally, it take 2-3 days to make a photo cake if is an individual photo cake with image of your own choice. If your cake order matches with popular photo cake available online or already used by cake shops, then you can expect a photo cake on the same day. Price is a big factor that induces a big difference between a popular photo cake that is easily available and at a photo cake that carries your own individual pix. If you demand the latter one, then there is a process of placing and getting a photo cake.


  1. Go online and find the way to send your photo to the online cake shop.
  2. Upload your photograph via a photo upload process
  3. Share your photo via facebook or any other popular communication channel
  4. Send a CD or a pen drive having you 3-4 best photographs

People expect to have the fastest, same day delivery of edible photo cakes for a number of occasions. For making a photo cake, there is a process that is time consuming and need careful work from cake designers. That is why cake shops expect that cake lovers will send their personal pictures to in advance. When it comes to having same day photo cakes in Faridabad, there are some top cake shops that are ready to make things happen and send people what they want and expect.


To make an edible photo cake a central part of your upcoming parties, cake shops leave no stone unturned. Once cake designers get your order and an image, they instantly develop an edible rice photo paper that is easily made settled on the top of the cake. Once it is fixed properly, then cake delivery boy take it to your home address. Don’t forget a same day photo cake can be costly but you will get free cake delivery service in any part of Faridabad.

Send your loved ones a surprise photo cake online

A blooming flower sends hundreds of messages without saying even a single word. That is why flowers of different colors and breeds are a part and parcel of all important occasions and events celebrated in any part of the world. Be it roses, Carnations, Orchids, Gerberas, or Daisies, flowers are the best friends of all and make their presence felt when they are offered with simile and happiness. Be it a birthday party or an occasion of anniversary, they are simply the best companion who wishes in the most innocent way. Sending flowers to a birthday boy or girl has been a custom in almost all cultures and traditions. That is why they are highly valuable for all.

If you are living in Faridabad and want to book a beautiful cake for your family or friends, then you need to check out what is available online. When you need flowers at night, there is a midnight cake delivery in Faridabad. Thanks to online cake shops for allowing users get flowers even at midnight in the least amount of time. You can find a long list of cakes and flowers options as per your needs and preferences. The only thing you need to checkout is what matches the need of the occasion.

When you need flowers at day time, there is a day time cake and flower delivery service to make things happen in your favor. People living in Faridabad needn’t to run from pillar to post as they have online cakes shops ready to serve them with a cake delivery in Faridabad. If you are not a good decision maker, then you simply need to leave everything on cake designers as they know which flowers suit the best with different cake options. You can choose from Carnations, Lilies, Roses, Gladiolus, Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Flower Bouquet, or Flower Arrangements. Don’t forget what you need should be balanced and as per your needs. You are paying and you have every right to know what you are buying and what will be the effect of your flowers and cakes on everyone, who is ready to be a part of your birthday party tonight.


Apart from Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi are also the destinations where you can get what you want and deserve on a day that is made only for you and someone you love from the core of your heart. Online cake shops and florists work in collaboration and send demanded floral and cake products for a number of birthdays, anniversaries, and many other parties. In the modern age, the only thing you need to do is to look for your choice cakes and get the same via a cake delivery service online in a matter of minutes. If you have never ordered anything online, don’t worry because midnight cake delivery service providers offer delivery of product totally free of cost.


8 Romantic Online Cake Delivery In Faridabad Ideas

Throw away the number of candles on the happy birthday cake for a while. Don’t count the number of candles – whether you have used the exact number of candles or not. The most important thing that makes a real difference is how you have made the day special for your beloved one. The day that you are about to celebrate will come next year. So don’t take any risk while selecting a birthday cake for your beloved one’s birthday.


With your love lad, the one fact that never goes wrong is romance. If you show your romantic mood through the beautiful and delicious cake, then you must be assured to get even more adorable and pleasurable romance back. So this is what you should keep on your priority while choosing your preferred romantic cake. Online birthday cake delivery in Noida has made it quite possible for the people to select their romantic cakes in a real time.


Here are eight romantic ideas that you can consider while selecting a birthday cake for your love:

Theme-based cake selection:

Romantic mood can best be created with the help of a theme-based birthday cake. You should make sure your love cake does reflect the theme of your celebration. You can visit online stores and get the best idea for the occasion.


Select a perfect flavor:
Flavor of your selected cake does also make a great difference. First of all, you should have a good understanding of your love lady’s preference for flavor. Everyone has a particular flavor and if you select the cake with that particular flavor, then it would really make her happy and romantic.

Color and design:
Apart from it, you should also consider about the color and design that suite your lady’s preference. Firstly know her color and design preference and then select a particular one.

Shape of the cake:
If you have to select romantic cakes, then you would better consider about the shape of your cake. Heart-shape cakes are even more preferable for romantic occasions. Some of the popular options are Pink Heart, Chocolate Candy Cakes, Ice Cream Topping Cake, Pink Fondant Chocolate Cake, Marshmallows Cake, Paris-themed Cake, Doilies and Flowers Cake, and many more.

Midnight cake delivery service:
Getting your birthday romantic cake delivered at midnight can be a game changer. You can build the best foundation at midnight by wishing your love lady a happy birthday with a delicious cake. Select online cake delivery in Faridabad for midnight delivery and ensure the most memorable moment.

Personalized cake:
You may also think about some personalized cakes that you can make it as much personalized you want. You can give a design to your personal message onto the cake. In addition, photo cakes are also preferred to be a better choice that you can use to send a romantic message. Select a lovely pic of your love lady and ask your online cake service provider to make onto it.

Pair your romantic cake with lovely roses:
Roses symbolize love, and you can pair some beautiful roses with the romantic cakes so as to make it much effective.


Decorate the cake with chocolates:
Chocolates do also lure women, so bring as much chocolates in different designs as you can. It can also be one of the most romantic ideas.