Send Half Kg Cake Online

All cake needs are not same, so is the size and weight of the cake needed to make a birthday or anniversary party look accomplished always matters the most. If you are placing 1 kg cake for a birthday party, it doesn’t mean that another person throwing the party will look for 1 kg cake. That is why online cake shops offer different cake varieties as per changing needs of cake lovers. Online cake delivery in Faridabad is the prime thing that ensures you will be able to get any size of online ordered cake at your destination sitting at home. There are some customers that are demanding small sized cakes for celebrating an event with a few invitees. And get the same delivered with a cake delivery online. It is cake that is sold by ½ kg cake.



You can easily choose a chocolate truffle cake, a pineapple cake, a blueberry cake, a butterscotch cake, a black forest cake, a strawberry cake, and a vanilla cake by weight (half kg cake, 1 kg cake, 2 kg cake, 3 kg cake, and 5 kg cake). You can easily increase or decrease the quality of cake as per your changing needs. If there are more guests in your list, you can ask the online cake shop for a cake with a bigger quantity. If the list has only a few invited guests, then the best thing you can do is to place a new order and ask your cake seller only for a 1 or ½ kg cake in different flavors and styles.



Today your local, physical cake shops are also ready to give you some choices so that you can keep in touch with them. But the prime problem is that such cake shops deal only with a few cake types and styles that will certainly make you feel odd. That is why online cake shops have totally transformed the way you used to buy cakes from physical cake shops. These days, virtual cake shops are ready to make things happen in your favor by catering the needs of cake lovers through website. In addition, they are ready to deliver the ordered cakes at any location via a cake delivery service, irrespective of the limits of time and local. Surprisingly, you can have your choice ½ cake delivered at your doorstep with midnight cake delivery in any part of the national capital of India.

Frpzen-cake-for bay-girl


With the world of virtual cake shops and website, cake lovers can get a completely different cake with unique images and messages on the top of the cake. That is why the concept of a photo cake online has come into the existence. Today, popular and individual photographs can be imprinted on the top of the cake of any flavor, taste, style, and design with an edible rice paper. If you need a small cake with a little quantity, then the best thing you can do is to place a photo cake order with your own smiling images.



Send Birthday Photo Cake Online

If you want to leave an impressive memory to your friend on her birthday, then sending a birthday photo cake online can be the best tool to make her day. This is said to be the most appropriate tool to celebrate a birthday with some innovative ideas. Today, we can see how people are using photo cakes in all occasions so as to leave an unforgettable memory with a huge impact. And what makes it a unique option is its acceptance among the people. It is not confined to only friends’ party; rather you can see parents using photo cakes in their children’s birthday or another big day.

Designer Cakes For Girls


As the name suggests, the best attractive part of a photo cake is the top of it that has a very special photo. You can ask the professionals to portray a photo of yours—which can make your friend recall that particular moment. It might be the moment when you both met, or the day when you both had some special outings.


If there is something that you want her to recall at her birthday, then don’t avoid using a photo cake in Faridabad. It may provide you with a lot of opportunities to make the day very special and memorable.

Online shops for choosing your photo cake:
While you may have so many options to go for buying your preferred photo cake, but an online store comes up featured with so many worthwhile elements that can help you find your preferred photo cake without any problem. When it comes to choosing a perfect one without wasting your valuable hour, you will find it quite comfortable at the online shops to the photo cake online delivery in a real time without any obstacle.


Some of the online stores are designed to offer only photo cakes, whereas some online shops do offer a range of birthday cakes in different categories. You can visit at and get free online cake delivery in Faridabad at best rate. Based on your personal preferences, choose a particular store and place your order for a photo cake. In addition, the store does also allow you to narrow down your options in terms of weight—they have different cake options ranging from half kg cake to 3-5 kg cakes.


Some of the popular photo cakes are Heart Shape Chocolate Photo cake, Red Velvet Photo Cake, Vanilla Photo Cake, Anniversary Photo Cake, Butterscotch Photo cake, and much more.
So you should never worry if you have no time left and you want to plan for a beautiful and attractive photo cake. It’s all easy and convenient to place your order through the online store.

Best Birthday Cake delivery in Faridabad

Birthday celebrations are considered incomplete without a delicious cake. Most of us will agree that a cake has played an important role in our childhood and still lightening many little faces with joy. Having a delicious happy birthday cake around can lift the mood of that person instantly. And when it’s about your kid’s birthday party, cutting the cake is the most memorable moment for them. Apart from so many different gifts, a person will get on his/her birthday, without any doubt a cake will be the center of attraction of their birthday party.

Designer Cakes For Girls

There are many elements that should be considered before finalizing the birthday cake, its shape, color, and size are some of those elements that will surely help you in getting the best cake for your loved ones. If you wish to buy a cake for your little bundle of joy, you must go for a designer cake especially a cake designed as their favorite cartoon characters. You can also order a cake with a theme or an idea to add magnetism to your loved one’s birthday party. Here, we are highlighting some really popular birthday themes to make your work easy.


Popular birthday themes
These days you can also go for a photo cake online order to give a personal touch to your birthday party. Search for the best cake shop and get all the benefits of online cake delivery in Faridabad and in many more cities.

If you are going for a classical birthday theme for your boy, you can pick pirate them and if you are throwing a birthday party for your beautiful girl what can be better than a princess theme. A Cinderella or a Barbie cake, pirate cake, cake designed as Noddy or Nemo, treasure chest cake, and many beautiful castle cakes are the best options for your little ones. If your kid is into sports, a football cake, a cricket field cake, skateboard cake are one of the best birthday cake idea for your baby. Now, after deciding all these important stuff related to cakes you must know from where to buy the perfect cake.




Online birthday cakes are the best

Yes, you read it right. Ordering cakes online are the best and easy way to get your choice of birthday cake. It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering a half kg cake or a five kg one you can easily get it from a verified cake shop through online. There are many cake shops which offer online cake delivery for the ease of their customers as well as to increase their business too. If you want best birthday cake delivery in Faridabad you just have to place your order through online and have to choose the best cake from different options.



Does chocolate cake good for wedding?

Who says your wedding cake must have vanilla flavor? With a number of delicious chocolate happy birthday cake available in different option ranging from dark to white, there is loads of melt-in-your-mouth likelihood for serving the best dessert flavor to your guests on your big day. Here, we will look into some aspects that why you should consider buying a chocolate cake on your wedding.

Chocolate Brownie Cake

birthday cake delivery is potentially one of the most important elements that can be added to your wedding celebration. It brings loads of pleasure to a wedding ceremony and every guest would find out their favorite flavor.


Chocolates are preferred by several people:

Chocolate is a common flavor that is liked by many. You will hardly find a person that would say NO to the chocolate cake. So the likelihood of having every guest pleased with the cake is somehow bigger. So, you don’t need to worry whether your selected chocolate cakes would be appreciated or not.



And choosing a right cake is now easier and more convenient as some of the online shops are offering the photo cake online with high accuracy. Their services are all aimed at providing the people with the utmost conveniences in buying their preferred chocolate cakes.

Moreover, the online stores do also offer some popular choices that you can consider adding to your celebration. Some of the popular Half kg cake are Chocolate Bundt Cakes, Chocolate-Flecked Layer Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting, Mini Chocolate Coconut Cakes, Chocolate Cake with Salted Peanuts, and others.

How to choose a credible online shop for buying your wedding chocolate cake:

tom and jerry cake

If you want your wedding cakes delivered in a real time without any hurdles, then you must consider visiting online stores for once and check out whether they do have the things that you are looking for.

Before you go for placing your orders, you must check if the selected online store does have a real-time cake delivery & midnight cake delivery in Faridabad, Delhi & Noida mechanism. It’s necessary to have your cake delivered at your doorstep at the time you want.


On the other hand, you should also get through the cake category so as to check out whether your preferred cake is being offered by your selected online shop. You may also consider visiting the online shops for your birthday cakes. They do have a good delivery mechanism for birthday cake delivery in Faridabad in a real time.

It’s always necessary to check each and every element while choosing an online store for buying a wedding cake of your preference.


Midnight Cake Delivery at Your Doorsteps

Gone are the days when midnight delivery of your choice cake was possible only in imagination. Now, you can expect a cake delivery boy standing outside your door and knocking at your door to get your attention at a time when the whole world has settled into the bed. It is common to have the same day cake delivery and 3 hours cake delivery for having a variety of cakes, but getting the best cakes at a short notice and delivered within 2-3 hours at midnight is possible only with midnight cake delivery services. Thanks to online cake shops for making things happen when you expect nothing than the best.

There are many online cake shops active online to cater all cake needs of cake lovers in Faridabad and its nearby areas. These shops are ready to serve all cake lovers with a big assortment of cakes available by occasions, weight, and price tag. You can order a half kg cake, one kg cake, 2 kg cake, and 5 kg cake as a midnight cake that is affordable but you have to pay for midnight cake delivery service as it is paid after working hours are over.

Cake delivery service providing team knows the importance of all occasion and the meaning of timely deliverables. That is why they are always on time and never miss a chance to make cake lovers feel happy. With a complete and thorough knowledge of locations and places of Faridabad, they give a new meaning to the customer service and Faridabad cake delivery in a new manner.

With midnight cake delivery service from professional cake shops, you can easily expect cartoon themed, adult cakes, or photo cake online. Almost everywhere is the prime feature of the online cake shops that make the shop more committed to serve all changing needs. Such a cake delivery service makes things happen for the people who are running out of the time. With a right cake delivery service, you can expect delivery of an ordered cake with seasonal flowers in 3 hours or less than the same time, if there is an emergency and cake lovers can’t wait as they have to surprise their near and dear ones with a beautiful cake when the gap between the day and night has ended.


No matter you want to have a small order or an order in bulk at a time when there no cake delivery service in Faridabad, some online cake shops are ready to give you a fresh cake with all genuine ingredients in the least amount time. If you have a cake in mind and you need the same within hours at 12 am or later, then online cake delivery in Faridabad can give you a reason to let the party begin and make a noise around.

The Next 5 Things You Should Do For your upcoming Anniversary

Is this your relationship anniversary, friendship anniversary or marriage anniversary? If your answer is yes, then it is high time to look at a must have cake that will mark the event and add more magic to the event in an effective manner. In everyone’s life, an anniversary plays a vital role whether you are celebrating it for first time or you are an old champion. When you need something special as a gift or a sweet dessert, there are lots of options available online. The online world has many options to consider and renders you a variety of cakes via an online cake delivery in Delhi.


It is high time to say thank you to partner, make him or her laugh say, and keep the passion of love alive forever.  All these things should not be done in a dark and secret room as the world around you is ready to be a witness in your anniversary party. If your next anniversary is coming soon, then following are 5 things that you can do to add more to the scenario around in the presence of a beautiful cake. So take a note of what is available at an online cake store that is close to your heart.


A gift with chocolate cake: A cake with another gift pack is ready to amuse all around. Before you cut the cake why don’t you open the box and check out what it has inside for someone special. Yes, it is only for you as a replica of your life long journey with your partner.

Cake with flowers: Cakes are not enough to convey a message until they are accompanied by some beautiful seasonal flowers wrapped in bouquet. Get ready to have such a unique cake via an anniversary or birthday cake delivery in Noida and Faridabad.


Designer cake: Cake designers are master of their art and they know what makes a cake look unique and how to add more appeal and charm to a cake that is ready to get laid on your table. They know how to use quality ingredients in an adequate quantity to give birth to a quality cake for you and your better half.


Love bird cake: Two birds having beak in beak are just enough to say they are in love. You are also love birds and need a cake that reminds you of your loving moments. Just place an online order for having a half kg cake and say I love you to your partner.

Midnight cake: Anniversary means a preplanned surprise for her or him. Let your online cake shop do something different for you. It is 12 am in the morning and you hear a knock at your door. You answer the doorbell and find a midnight cake delivery boy ready to deliver a box, saying you happy anniversary on behalf of someone you love.
Take a note of these 5 elements and see how you can make a big difference.