Send Half Kg Cake Online

All cake needs are not same, so is the size and weight of the cake needed to make a birthday or anniversary party look accomplished always matters the most. If you are placing 1 kg cake for a birthday party, it doesn’t mean that another person throwing the party will look for 1 kg cake. That is why online cake shops offer different cake varieties as per changing needs of cake lovers. Online cake delivery in Faridabad is the prime thing that ensures you will be able to get any size of online ordered cake at your destination sitting at home. There are some customers that are demanding small sized cakes for celebrating an event with a few invitees. And get the same delivered with a cake delivery online. It is cake that is sold by ½ kg cake.



You can easily choose a chocolate truffle cake, a pineapple cake, a blueberry cake, a butterscotch cake, a black forest cake, a strawberry cake, and a vanilla cake by weight (half kg cake, 1 kg cake, 2 kg cake, 3 kg cake, and 5 kg cake). You can easily increase or decrease the quality of cake as per your changing needs. If there are more guests in your list, you can ask the online cake shop for a cake with a bigger quantity. If the list has only a few invited guests, then the best thing you can do is to place a new order and ask your cake seller only for a 1 or ½ kg cake in different flavors and styles.



Today your local, physical cake shops are also ready to give you some choices so that you can keep in touch with them. But the prime problem is that such cake shops deal only with a few cake types and styles that will certainly make you feel odd. That is why online cake shops have totally transformed the way you used to buy cakes from physical cake shops. These days, virtual cake shops are ready to make things happen in your favor by catering the needs of cake lovers through website. In addition, they are ready to deliver the ordered cakes at any location via a cake delivery service, irrespective of the limits of time and local. Surprisingly, you can have your choice ½ cake delivered at your doorstep with midnight cake delivery in any part of the national capital of India.

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With the world of virtual cake shops and website, cake lovers can get a completely different cake with unique images and messages on the top of the cake. That is why the concept of a photo cake online has come into the existence. Today, popular and individual photographs can be imprinted on the top of the cake of any flavor, taste, style, and design with an edible rice paper. If you need a small cake with a little quantity, then the best thing you can do is to place a photo cake order with your own smiling images.