Top OMG Ideas for a Complete Midnight Brunch Party in Faridabad

Summary: This article will throw a light upon some of the superb ideas to make a midnight party go accomplished in all parts of Faridabad. It will also let you know some cake types that will contribute in making a midnight dinner full of surprises.

Cakes have been around us for decades and come to serve us in different forms, shapes, sizes, styles, and types. They are always welcomed by us as they play the role of a perfectionist that not only adds more appeal to the party occasion but also makes everyone around feel happy and excited. These days, you needn’t go to a cake shop but a cake shop comes your home and serves you with your choice cake products through a day or midnight cake delivery in Faridabad. Now, cake deliveries at home is a big trend and make cake lovers save their time and money in an effective manner. But you always need top ideas to have special cakes for the special occasion.

Midnight Brunch Party

Cakes and a midnight brunch party

We have seen different cakes used by people for celebrating their birthday parties around 8-9 p.m. These days, such parties are organized very late and continue up to midnight. Hence, online cake shops have started offering midnight cakes for throwing a brunch party. After dinner, you will not like to miss the magic of sweet desserts at all. That is why top cakes from cake designers are a big complement to your midnight brunch party in Faridabad and its nearby areas.

No matter a party is celebrated during night or midnight, it is useless and baseless if it misses the taste of a yummy and delectable cake made from the best cake ingredients. Like cake designers, cake lovers also understand a cake very well and can come up with stunning ideas to make a cake more perfect. Cake designers always have lots of OMG ideas to stun everyone around you with a perfect cake product that is not only tasty but also makes your eyes wide opened. Today, online world gives all cake lovers a chance to get in touch with cake designers and share their ideas so that a special cake product can be made suitable for a midnight brunch party.

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Popular cake types for celebrating brunch parties at midnight

Midnight parties in Delhi and Faridabad are celebrated by people living in urban areas. Midnight parties bring all working class together to have some quality time celebration in the presence of near and dear ones. When all items of brunch party are ready, you can’t miss special cakes at all. So, you should get a tailor-made cake from the online cake shop or you can have a customized cake designed by cake designers after you share your organic thoughts. Let’s have a look at some OMG cake types that you can easily avail from online cake shops delivered at your doorsteps through an online cake delivery in Faridabad. These include:

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  • Customized sports’ basketball themed cakes: In this category, you can expect a basketball match cake, a football match cake, a cricket match cake, a tennis match cake, an Olympic logo inspired cake or a baseball match cake
  • Cartoon-themed birthday cakes: These cake types are nothing less than a boon for kids. In this category, you can expect Chhota Bheem cake, Krrish cake, Moto Patlu cake, Doraemon cake, Spiderman cake, or Mickey Mouse cake.
  • Adult birthday cakes: All the cakes that fall into this category are for adults only. The only adult can place an order for such cakes and also accept the cake delivery from the cake delivery boy. With the explicit exposition of male and female organs on the top of the cake in the form of edible rice paper, these cakes are the best OMG moments for grownups. For adults, there is a huge variety of adult cakes.

Conclusion: Designer cakes make a big difference to all midnight parties when they are served as a sweet dessert to all guests. Cake lovers in Faridabad need to add more colors to their midnight parties with popular cake types you can avail from an online cake shop always near you.


Highest Selling Cartoon Birthday Cake (Oggy, Motu Patlu, Doramon)

Whenever we put a glimpse on lots of cartoon character images, we naturally feel happy and funny as well. Kids can’t imagine fun and naughtiness without these characters. That is why these characters are found everywhere on kids t-shirts, bags, books, bedroom walls, or any other corner of the home. If you are thinking of placing an order designer cake online, make sure you are not going to compromise and will go for designer cakes that are simply the best and also top selling in the online cake industry. Most cartoon characters available online are photo cakes with images of Oggy, Motu Patlu, Doraemon or other character found settled on the top in an edible rice photo paper.


Kids love two things above all and they are chocolates and cartoon characters. Let’s go through the list of a few designer and top-selling cartoon birthday cake ideas to add more hues and cries to your upcoming birthday party. Continue reading “Highest Selling Cartoon Birthday Cake (Oggy, Motu Patlu, Doramon)”

Why Chocolate Cake Good for Every Occasion

There is hardly any person on this earth who would like to resist his or her carving for chocolates, if not a diabetics. Chocolates have always been the best sweet desserts and gifts for millions of people who love to share their feeling and important days with a lovely surprise. These days, it is quite easy to have cakes made of chocolates and their ingredients. Such cakes come in all sizes and designs and can be easily availed at an online cake store near you. You needn’t to wait for the right time to visit the cake shops and bring your choice cake products as there are services of anniversary or birthday cake delivery in Noida and other part touching the national capital of India.

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Cake lovers leave no stone unturned to add more colors and magic to their important occasions. Be it an old or a young one, chocolates tempt all and offer a wide and exhaustive variety of cakes made from top and finest quality ingredients. You can easily get such lovely gems with a day time or midnight cake delivery in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. If you think what an online cake shop can give you when it is concerned with a chocolate, just go through the following list that has almost everything you need to take things to the next level. Find your choice cake products from this list and ready to throw a surprise party.

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  • Dark Chocolate Waffle Cake and Chocolate Frosted Cake Donuts
  • Black and White Tuxedo Cake and Chocolate Tahini Cake with Rosemary Butter cream
  • Paleo Zucchini Chocolate Cake and Cherry Garcia Cake
  • Chocolate Cake Batter Milkshake and Star-Studded Dark Chocolate Cake Bites
  • Six-Layer Malted Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Cake
  • Four-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • Chocolate Pansy Cake with beauty and braun
  • The Best Chocolate Cake and Spicy Red Velvet Cake
  • Double Chocolate Banana Bread and Banana Almond Chocolate Cake
  • Hot Chocolate Cake with Homemade Marshmallows
  • Candy Bar Cake and Chocolate Raspberry Cake
  • Chocolate Banana Caramel Cake and Divine Chocolate Bundt Cake
  • Chocolate Sheet Cake with Fudge Frosting and Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cake with White Chocolate Crust

Choose the best cake product of your choice from the list given above and give your loved ones get lost in the taste of chocolate in a never before way. You can easily have any of the cake products in all shapes and sizes, such as half kg cake, 1 kg cake, 2 kg cake, 3 kg cake, and 5 kg cake with layers. If you think these cake options are not the right fit for making you feel happy and satisfied on a big occasion, you better talk to your cake designers for having a lovely cake that exactly matches your needs and ambiance around.

Top 10 OMG Designer Cakes

The world of online cakes has a long list of cake products that are simply designed to cater changing needs of cake lovers. These cakes are not just a mix of cake ingredients but they are the harbinger of happiness and bring people closer to each other in an effective manner. If you have fed up with using same cakes available online repetitively, then it is high time to move ahead and try some new designer cakes that are unique or you can say OMG cakes. You simply need to look around and check out what is available around. Once you find something suitable to your needs, it is high time to order designer cake online and invite your special guest at your home.

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Let’s have a serious look at top 10 OMG designer cakes that will take your birthday or anniversary party to the next level and give you a big reason to swag around. Moreover, you can easily have any of these cake types delivered at your doorsteps with an online cake delivery in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, or any other part of Delhi. Check out the following gems to stun everyone around you.

  • Valentine’s Day cake with small red hearts on a round shaped cake in chocolate flavor
  • Fondant bands on a 3-tier cake gathered with elegant sugar brooches that give off a Victorian vibe
  • A 3-tier cake garnered with delicate flowers, romantic swirls, metallic accents, and a sweet monogram
  • The Nikon D300 DSLR with Chocolate flavor for young boys who need a special gift for a special occasion
  • Eggless cake for girlfriends showing a bag and other makeup items for her
  • Happy marriage anniversary cake for mom and dad holding each other’s hand tightly
  • Eggless bridal shower cake in a vanilla flavor with half bust of Bridals
  • A Cinderella-inspired cake, complete with a glass slipper on a pillow
  • A 4-tier crystal cake garnered with brooches and a split monogram accentuate the intricate piping
  • A delicious cake well-covered with mini sugar flowers and giving a new look

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All these OMG cakes have enough gleam and potential to attract everyone around with just a single glimpse of them. So what are you waiting for? Go online and check what is available there so that you can choose a gem for adding more colors and character to your ongoing birthday party. When you are ready, then the online world of cake is also ready with a professional and timely birthday cake delivery in Noida that is second to none and reach at your doorstep when you are ready to open the door and welcome happiness in an effective manner.

Best Cake Delivery Online

Have you ever imagined why there is a great increase in the number of online cake bookings? The answer to this simple question is a wide and exhaustive variety of cakes for all occasions and an online cake delivery in Faridabad that is available to all cake lovers free of cost in all parts of the national capital of India and its nearby areas. Cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions are commonly ordered online in a large number on the daily basis and these orders are successfully delivered with the help of an online cake delivery that is fast and reliable and reaches to the right destination in the least amount of time.


Before you stick to any decision of having an online cake, you better choose the best cake products for your upcoming occasion and get the same cake at their homes through a professional cake delivery online service in any part of the national capital of India. Try out the following cake options to take things to the next level and give people around you a big surprise:

  • Beak to Beak Cake and Violets on the Vine Cake
  • Confection Affection Piñata Treats and  Chocolate is the Way to My Heart Piñata Treats
  • Corazon in Cocoa Mini Cakes and Soft and Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Cupcakes Scene
  • Cupcake Courtship and Pillows to Dream on Cake
  • Milestone Monogram Cookies and Macramé Fondant Cake
  • More Memories in Store Cake and Baroque Beauty Cake
  • Never Forget Rosette Cake and Just Peachy Keen Celebration Cake
  • Petals on a Pedestal Cupcake and Hot Chocolate! Cake
  • Roses are Red Mother’s Day Pops and Brush Embroidered Mother’s Day Cake
  • Stellar Square Cake and Sweetly Scrolled Square Cake
  • Sticking Together Lollipops and Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Day Cake
  • Surrounded By Shells Square Cake and Pom Pom Flower Cake
  • Sweet Candy Embrace Raspberry Cake and Feathers and Fringe Roaring ’20s Cake
  • Triple Heart Cupcakes and the Star Celebrates 50 Years Cake
  • Two-Tone Candy-Dipped Cookies and Truffle-Topped Cake


All these birthday cakes are not just simple birthday cakes but also special and designer birthday cakes that depict the art and perfection of cake specialists who know everything about cakes very well. If you are placing an online cake order, you better ask your choice online cake shop in Faridabad for a fast cake delivery service that comes to serve you anytime and any day, even at midnight. Moreover, a great cake delivery service should also be available in all parts of Faridabad, Noida, and Delhi.

Half Kg Birthday Cake for Kids

A large number of people like to throw a birthday or anniversary party where only a few guests are invited, such as 5-10. It happens due to the nature of the party as it can be personal and people give preference to privacy. Such people don’t want to waste their money on buying cakes in big quantities as their needs are not big. So, they can look for cakes in a small quantity, such as a half kg cake. Although all online cake shops deal in all sorts of cake on the basis of size and weight, yet cakes in smaller sizes can help people when they are not interested in 3 or 5 kg cakes in Delhi and other parts of the national capital of India.


The availability of all sizes and styles of cakes on the online cake shops has made is quite useful for cake lovers as they can choose what they need as per their convenience. Another thing that also matters the most is the facility of midnight cake delivery. You can easily have a half kg birthday cake for kids if you have invited only 5-10 kids for taking part in your birthday party. Before you place an order for having a cake of your choice, you better ask your cake shop if it deals with a variety of cakes for kids. Remember that kids love unique photo cakes, such as Chota Bheem cake, Doraemon Cake, Tom and Jerry Cake, Mickey Mouse cake, etc. It would be great if you find these cake options on a half kg cake.


When you start searching for birthday cakes for kids online, you better give proper attention to the concepts of cake delivery online and half kg cake. Remember that these both elements are necessary to take things to the next level. Today, you can easily have your choice cakes in any part of Delhi and its nearby areas without moving even a single step out of your home. If you want to give a new look and appearance to the half kg cake you have ordered online, you better look for some add-ons. These add-ons can be a cake toppings and beautifully-designed flowers in vases and bouquets. The prime utility of these cake add-ons is that they can be added to small and glittering cakes for the purpose of enhancing the overall charm of the birthday gift.

When you start searching for the best birthday cakes for kids, you better take the process of cake delivery online seriously as it is the only way to make things happen in your favor. You can also expect chocolates and gems as complimentary gifts you get with the purchase of cakes of smaller sizes for kids. Don’t forget to choose the best cake product that makes kids feel happy and satisfied on an occasion that is made only for them

Online Cake Shop in Faridabad

Everyone looks forward to saving on his/her hard-earn money and valuable time—be it doing a day-to-day task or selecting a cake for birthday or other celebration. You would never prefer going out in the market for buying a cake by taking out some hours from your working day. So, what if you have planned a birthday cake for your beautiful wife and you don’t have enough time to choose and buy a cake for the scheduled birthday celebration?

tom and jerry cake

Nothing to worry at all as some of the online stores make it quite simple and convenient to place an order for a personalized cake through the internet without going to the marketplace. You don’t need to take a leave just because you need some hours for choosing a cake for your beautiful wife. Call 9718108300 and get online cake delivery in Faridabad with best prices.


But before you choose a particular online cake shop in Faridabad, you would better check out some important aspects so as to make sure you are choosing a right cake store. You should never select a store randomly as some of them might not be capable of meeting your requirements.

What you need to check out before choosing a cake store?


First of all, you should make sure the select online cake store does offer all the contemporary designs for cake. Since you are planning to buy a cake for your wife’s birthday—which really deserves to be celebrated in a better way—you must go through the available options and check if there is a cake of your wife’s choice.


Some of the popular cake designs for birthday are: photo cakes, heart-shape cake, red velvet cake, Barbie doll cake, and others. Among the available options, people are rushing to the online stores to place their order for photo cake in Faridabad because they have a good opportunity to give a personalized touch to the purchased cake. You can set a lovely photo of yours on the top of the selected cake so as to recall the best moment of your togetherness on the best day.



On the other hand, your selected online store should also have a range of cakes in terms of the weight and size. Depending on your requirement, you may choose either small half kg cake or larger one weighing heavier.

Compare the price of your selected birthday cakes:

Once you choose your reliable online store, you should never forget to compare the selected cakes through different online stores. It will help you buy an affordable cake of your preferences from your selected online store.