Top 10 OMG Designer Cakes

The world of online cakes has a long list of cake products that are simply designed to cater changing needs of cake lovers. These cakes are not just a mix of cake ingredients but they are the harbinger of happiness and bring people closer to each other in an effective manner. If you have fed up with using same cakes available online repetitively, then it is high time to move ahead and try some new designer cakes that are unique or you can say OMG cakes. You simply need to look around and check out what is available around. Once you find something suitable to your needs, it is high time to order designer cake online and invite your special guest at your home.

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Let’s have a serious look at top 10 OMG designer cakes that will take your birthday or anniversary party to the next level and give you a big reason to swag around. Moreover, you can easily have any of these cake types delivered at your doorsteps with an online cake delivery in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, or any other part of Delhi. Check out the following gems to stun everyone around you.

  • Valentine’s Day cake with small red hearts on a round shaped cake in chocolate flavor
  • Fondant bands on a 3-tier cake gathered with elegant sugar brooches that give off a Victorian vibe
  • A 3-tier cake garnered with delicate flowers, romantic swirls, metallic accents, and a sweet monogram
  • The Nikon D300 DSLR with Chocolate flavor for young boys who need a special gift for a special occasion
  • Eggless cake for girlfriends showing a bag and other makeup items for her
  • Happy marriage anniversary cake for mom and dad holding each other’s hand tightly
  • Eggless bridal shower cake in a vanilla flavor with half bust of Bridals
  • A Cinderella-inspired cake, complete with a glass slipper on a pillow
  • A 4-tier crystal cake garnered with brooches and a split monogram accentuate the intricate piping
  • A delicious cake well-covered with mini sugar flowers and giving a new look

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All these OMG cakes have enough gleam and potential to attract everyone around with just a single glimpse of them. So what are you waiting for? Go online and check what is available there so that you can choose a gem for adding more colors and character to your ongoing birthday party. When you are ready, then the online world of cake is also ready with a professional and timely birthday cake delivery in Noida that is second to none and reach at your doorstep when you are ready to open the door and welcome happiness in an effective manner.


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