Cake & Flower Delivery in Faridabad

Cakes are best sweet desserts that make your mouth watered and flowers convey a simple message without uttering even a single word. Flowers bring happiness and make one feel relaxed with their utmost presence. All occasions whether they are big or small, they are incomplete until they are celebrated with cakes of all sizes and types.


Cakes and flowers are the best combination and combo offers that complete all occasions and events. If need to greet someone, both flowers and sweet desserts are considered the right stuff to make things happen. That is why you can see lots of online cake shops deal not only with cakes and fresh flowers as per changing needs and season. Be it birthday cake delivery in Faridabad for kids, boys, girls, men, women or old, delivery of flowers along with cakes always matter the most.


At a unique and popular cake shop in Faridabad, you can expect the best combo offers that include cakes of all sizes and flowers matching the needs of the occasion in a never before way. Let’s have a look at some of the combo offer possibilities that can help you make a big difference to any occasion be it your birthday, anniversary, happy New Year, and any other occasion of equal importance. Just pick any of the offer and get ready to add more sparkle and magic to the upcoming party where people are ready to join their hands and clap when the combo offer is displayed.



  • Cake and flower delivery offering a special discount and combo offer for your special ones on the New Year.
  • Cakes to India with fresh and seasonal red flowers in a combo offer.
  • Send Birthday Gifts: A combination of 10 roses bouquet, 1 kg chocolate cake, and 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • Fruit cake with 10 red roses
  • Heart shaped cake with 10 roses
  • Anniversary cake with 10 roses
  • Black forest heart shape cake with roses
  • Butter scotch cake with bouquet
  • Heart shape chocolate cake with roses
  • Fruit cake with bouquet of roses for your loved ones


If you are searching for the finest quality flowers for making things happen, then popular flower variety including carnations, lilies, roses, gladiolus, chrysanthemums, and orchids, is ready take things to the next level with the service of a cake and flower delivery in Faridabad. If you are looking for the right combo offers then you need to have a look at the following popular and well-accepted options:



  • Roses plus flowers with chocolates
  • Lilies plus flowers with cakes
  • Orchids plus flowers with soft toys


Interestingly, this combination can be availed by you within 3 hours 24/7. Even, you can expect midnight delivery of cakes with Faridabad cake delivery.



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