Order Designer cake from anywhere

For celebrating any occasion and event, sweet desserts in the form of cakes are considered as the best eatables that not only garner the event but also give people a reason to come close and make a noise. Designer cakes are special cakes as they are prepared by professional cake designers as per changing needs, styles, and trends. When you need to place an order designer cake online, there are many things that you need to take care of. First, check out what is available around when you are online and choose a unique designer cake from any location using your phone or fill a cake order form given at the website.


Following is a concise list of some popular anniversary cakes that you can use for adding more sparkle to your upcoming events. You can easily order designer cake from anywhere in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida or any other location nearby the NCR area. This list has mentioning of all cakes that are ordered in bulk everyday and are delivered at homes and offices by professional cake delivery service boys in almost all locations adjoining the national capital of India. This list includes:

  • Special Delicious Celebration Cake, Kit Kat Cake and Camera Cake
  • Red Heart love you Valentine cake, Gym Cake, and Stellar Chocolate Cake
  • Red Hot Ferrari Car Cake, Doll Shape Cake, and Chocolate Orange Cake
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake and Crunchy Chocolate Cake
  • Gift of Enchantment Cake and Red heart shape cake with a tag
  • Chocolate Hearts Cake, Half N Half Cake, and Cricket Pitch Cake
  • Minions with balloons and Heart shaped with whimsical flowers cake
  • Divine Heart Cake, Butterfly Stylish Barbie Cake, and Rose Cake
  • Glamorous Wedding Cake, Yummy Super Special birthday Cake for dad and Smurfs Birthday Cake
  • Baby Doll Cake, Delicious Jack Daniels Cake, and Pink cake box boutique cake
  • Floating Hearts Cake, MAC Makeup Cake and My Daddy My Love Designer Cake
  • Colorful Rose Cake, Desirable Rose Cake, and Blossoming Love Cake
  • Butterscotch Mountain Cake, Chocolate Cake with Red Flowers and Flower Garden Cake
  • Chocolaty Indulgence, Black and White Cake, and Dazzling Disney Cake
  • Soft Mickey Face Cake, Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake and Car Race Birthday Cake
  • Grand Birthday Cake, Purple Cascade, and Gym Fondant Cake
  • Lovely Barbie Cake, Special Orange Cake and Classy Chanel Cake
  • Snickers Cake, Super Dad Designer Cake, Three Row Rose Cake
  • Pooh Tiger Cake, Pinki the Owl Cake and Airplane Cake
  • Techy iPhone Cake, Princess babrie doll Cake, Farm Animals and Photo Camera Cake


There are lots of online cake shop in Faridabad that are ready to cater the needs of cake lovers who expect nothing less than a perfect designer cake. After you place an online order for having a designer cake from any location, all you need to know is when you are going to get the same via a professional and online Faridabad cake delivery in the least amount of time.


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