Are You Seeking Designer birthday cake

Have you ever imagined why some cakes are so popular and costly in terms of affordability? The answer to this question can be tricky. Cakes can be popular due to trends, excess advertising, or other factors. It is also quite clear that something that is available at a high price tag must have a uniqueness that stands it apart from other cakes available online. That is why customized cakes are seen as a special sweet dessert for a number of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and other importance occasions. Whether you choose birthdays or anniversary cakes online, you need to put a bet on customized designer cakes.


Now the prime question is why you love designer birthday cakes over a long list of birthday cakes in Faridabad available online. Designer birthday cakes simply mean a wow factor that attracts everyone whoever gets a glimpse of it. Cake designers are master of cake making art and know how to make a unique sweet dessert that not only entice everyone but also gives people something different to try. A designer cake shows that an ordinary looking cake can be transformed into a masterpiece of art and craft. That is why some cakes are costly as they are handmade and require lots of efforts to get into a lovely shape and size.



They are simply out of description and a perfect mix of creativity and culinary arts for giving a new look and appearance to the most popular sweet desserts. A designer birthday cake catches all eyes as it represents something that we see around us daily. But we don’t believe our eyes when see the same laid properly on a table. There are hundreds of designer cakes available online that you can choose as per your needs. If you have something unique in your mind, then you should share the same with your cake designers so that they can add more appeal and style to your online cake order that you are supposed to get at your doorstep. Have a look at some designer cake types that are ready to rock in the next party.



  • Doll shaped cakes with colorful and decorated big gowns
  • 1, 2, or 3 tier cakes with stylish embellishments
  • Cartoon cakes and themed cakes with customized designs
  • Spiderman cakes, camera cakes, Mickey mouse clubhouse cakes
  • Cricket pitch cake, Minions with balloons cake, smurfs birthday cakes
  • Make up cakes, gym fondant cakes, pooh and tiger cake
  • Airplane cake, batman cake, baby in crib fondant cake, and stylish Lamborghini Cake

A designer cake can be a Black forest cake, chocolate cake, photo cake, butter scotch cake, vanilla cake, eggless cake, egg cake, heart shaped cake, or any cake made of different food stuff as per local food habits.  Just place an order for a mouthwatering designer cake and find the same through a Faridabad cake delivery service within hours.



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