Send Anniversary Photo Cakes

It is usual to find photo cakes when you are online and you can easily have them for a number of events and occasions as per your changing needs. Be it your birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion, you can expect a variety of photo cakes that directly suit your taste and cake needs. You will get the best photo cakes when you make cake designers understand what you need exactly and how the cake should be represented in a way that it creates a magic. A good understanding between a cake lover and cake designer will definitely give birth to a great creation that will make a big magic. Let’s have a look at some of the best anniversary cakes as photo cakes that you can use in order to make a big difference to the occasion.


If you need stylish cake without cakes, then an almond cream cake, a snickers cake, a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake, or a red velvet cakes can do wonders. But if you need something out of description, then following are some cake options for you to look forward to enjoying the anniversary moment. If you are looking for a photo cake in Faridabad, then these things can give you a big reason to throw a party and invite people in your house for be a part of your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary event.


  • An image showing you hold your wife in your hands in a natural location where everything has become silent for a moment.
  • An image showing you hold her hand and walking into a garden where loads of smiling flowers says happy wedding anniversary.
  • An image showing your wedding photograph where both of you are sitting on a grand stage with thick garlands around your neck.
  • An image showing your private moments together when you were unmarried and look quite young.
  • A recent selfie captured via a smartphone catching her innocent and crazy look in a perfect manner.

If you don’t have any such image captured, then you can also talk to your cake designers and send them 4-5 photographs. They will pick the best image and will develop the same on the edible rice paper. Once it is ready you are ready to get the same via a cake delivery in Faridabad.

Designer Cakes For Girls

Honey butter cream and pistachio cake; mascarpone cream and toasted almond cake; black forest cake; vanilla cake with apricot butter creams, and banana cake can be a surprise pack for you if you go for these options with a wedding anniversary image settled on the top of the cake. When you are ready in Faridabad, online cake shops are also ready to make a big difference with your choice photo cakes for anniversary delivered at your preferred location through Faridabad cake delivery which is timely and reliable.



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