Book Photo cake Online

Since our childhood, all of us know that there is a doll cake, tier cake, designer cake, message cake, or character-inspired cake fit for a number of occasions. In the last 2-3, there is a new trend in the online world of cake which attracts all and is selling like a hot cake for almost all occasion that we can expect and see around us. We simply call this type sweet dessert as a photo cake which simply a representation of individual moments of one’s personal life and other events that are close to the heart of the people for whom a photo is meant for. If you love a photo cake, you simply need to know how you can easily place a photo cake online order in Faridabad and its nearby surroundings.


If you want to know how to place order for online photo cake delivered at your doorstep as a midnight cake, then the best thing you can do is to go through the following steps for a better outcome.

  • First of all, you need to find a photo that you think fit for getting settled on the top of the cake in the form of an edible rice paper. This photo can be your personal or belong to your friends and family. You can also try photo of your favorite celebrities or any other TV character that inspires you the most.
  • If you are unable to choose the best and fitting image, then the best thing you can do is to ask cake designer for some tips that will help you take a decision on what to choose and what to ignore.
  • When you have decided what to do, it is high time to send the photo to the online cake shop. For this, you need to reach the website of the cake shop and post the picture through a process. If you are unable to use this process, you can also send 2-3 photos by using a proper communication channel.
  • Also mention details of the type, design, size, and flavor of the cake that you want to have within your choice photo cake. If there is any additional requirement, you better talk to cake designer for a better outcome.
  • Make sure, you send the photo of your choice 2 or 3 days in advance so that cake designers can make things in your favor and will provide midnight cake delivery t your doortseps on time.


Let the cake shop develop your image in the edible rice paper form through a process. And get ready to have the same cake type delivered at your doorstep via a Faridabad cake delivery that is fast, reliable and free. Keep in mind that you have to pay additionally for getting a photo cake delivered at a destination of your choice at midnight. No cake shop offers free cake delivery services at midnight in any part of Faridabad.


With a timely and professional birthday cake delivery in Faridabad, you can expect photo cake online in the least amount of time at a destination that you mentioned while placing an online order.




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