Photo cake is most wonderful cake ever

A photo or series of photos used to look the most attractive when they are clad in a photo album. These days, they are part and parcel of almost all mobiles. Thanks to front and back camera features for making selfies and groups photo a normal features. Now go one step ahead and find the same photographs on the top of an edible cake. Yes, you heard the right but weird looking thing. As cakes are the soul of any function or events in Faridabad and its nearby area, a photo cake is most wonderful cake ever that has the capability to take things to the next level. Moreover, an online cake delivery in Faridabad is ready to give you exactly the same that can make a big difference in the least amount of time.


A photo cake has definitely something special that other ordinary cakes miss clearly. If flavor, size, and weight of the cake are taken into consideration, all cakes are same. Only the topping of the cake always matters the most. Ordinary cake has some selective designs on the top. On the other hand, a photo cake has the layer of an edible rice paper settled on the top of the cake. A photo cakes in Faridabad can be of different types. It can be a cartoon character photo cake, a celebrity photo cake, a TV character photo cake, or an individual photograph cake that has an image that is more close to your heart.


A midnight cake delivery in Faridabad promises you the best help when you can’t wait for the first ray of the sun to be a part of your next day life. Using this sort of cake delivery for celebrating any occasion with photo cake is a great way to bring the best out of wonderful photo cakes of all sizes and types.

Following is a brief list of some of the popular photo cakes that are available at every nook and corner. Have a look at them and check out what is in it for you:

  • Personalized photo cake and customized photo cake
  • Angry Bird photo cake and Tom & Jerry photo cake
  • Ben 10 photo cake and Chota Bheem photo cake
  • Ninjahatori photo cake and Spiderman photo cake
  • Barbie Doll photo cake and Minion photo cake
  • Mickey Mouse photo cake and TV celebrity photo cake
  • Jungle image photo cake and hot girls photo cakes for adults


There are also some gift packs, dry fruits, flowers, and soft toys that you can send to your loved ones along with a photo cake that is made only for the person for whom it is meant for. Simply choose any cake and ask your online cake shop for some unique gifts that are capable of marking the occasions in a never before way.


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