Get Same Day Delivery on Photo Cake At Faridabad

A photo cake is the newest addition to the world of online cake where cakes carry a customized image on the top. With photo cakes, one an easily relish the lip-smacking flavors of the finest quality cakes. In order to enjoy and create memorable birthday or anniversary experiences in the presence of your loved ones, ensure that you send an online photograph and a photo cake by ensuring a timely and professional online cake delivery in Faridabad. If you love to have a photo on your choice cake, then chocolate cakes, eggless cakes, designer cakes in delhi, butterscotch cakes, vanilla cakes, black forest cakes, five star cakes, and heart shaped cakes are ready to make a big difference. If you expect a photo cake at a short notice, then it can be a challenging job your online cake shop.


Although it is hard to expect and get the same day midnight cake delivery in Faridabad and its nearby areas, yet it is possible. Normally, it take 2-3 days to make a photo cake if is an individual photo cake with image of your own choice. If your cake order matches with popular photo cake available online or already used by cake shops, then you can expect a photo cake on the same day. Price is a big factor that induces a big difference between a popular photo cake that is easily available and at a photo cake that carries your own individual pix. If you demand the latter one, then there is a process of placing and getting a photo cake.


  1. Go online and find the way to send your photo to the online cake shop.
  2. Upload your photograph via a photo upload process
  3. Share your photo via facebook or any other popular communication channel
  4. Send a CD or a pen drive having you 3-4 best photographs

People expect to have the fastest, same day delivery of edible photo cakes for a number of occasions. For making a photo cake, there is a process that is time consuming and need careful work from cake designers. That is why cake shops expect that cake lovers will send their personal pictures to in advance. When it comes to having same day photo cakes in Faridabad, there are some top cake shops that are ready to make things happen and send people what they want and expect.


To make an edible photo cake a central part of your upcoming parties, cake shops leave no stone unturned. Once cake designers get your order and an image, they instantly develop an edible rice photo paper that is easily made settled on the top of the cake. Once it is fixed properly, then cake delivery boy take it to your home address. Don’t forget a same day photo cake can be costly but you will get free cake delivery service in any part of Faridabad.


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