You can eat your photo now

are the days when you just used to eat a simple cake with some toppings on it. Now you can eat yourself with every bite of a yummy cake! Yes, you heard the same. You can eat your photo now! Thanks to edible photo paper made of rice that easily settles on the top of the cake and carries your individual image or any other image liked and preferred by you. Today the online world is ready to stun you with new things and photo cake is just one of them. When you are looking for the best cake in Delhi, it means that the online cake shop will give you an opportunity to eat your photo in the presence of your near and dears ones around. It is not only you who eat a photo cake but also they (all invited guests) will eat your photo cake with added interest.



Photo cakes come in all popular sizes and types and you can have them easily in a favor that suits you the most. With a professional and user-oriented online birthday cake delivery in Delhi, you can easily make a difference and get a special photo on the top of the cake in the form of an edible rice paper. Following is simply a glimpse of highly popular photo cakes that is second to none and makes its presence felt when it comes to choosing the best photo cakes from the online world in the least amount of time. Just go through it and check out what is in it for you.


  • Anniversary Photo Cake and Beautiful Couple Photo Cake
  • Ben Ten Photo cake and Birthday Cake for Mom
  • Birthday Photo Cake and Butterfly cake
  • Cake Christmas Cake and Cakes for Dad
  • Cakes For Mom and Cartoon Photo Cake
  • Chhota Bheem Cartoon Cake and Chota Bheem Photo Cake
  • Disney Birthday Cakes and Doraemon Birthday Cake
  • Doraemon Photo cake and Doreman Photo cake
  • Edible Photo Cake and Frozen Birthday Cake
  • Frozen Themed Cakes and Happy Anniversary Cake
  • Happy Birthday Patanjali Cake and Heart Shape Photo Cake
  • iPhone Photo Cake and IPL Photo Cake
  • Krishna & Bheem photo cake and Krrish photo Cake
  • Mickey Mouse Cartoon Cake and Motu Patlu Cake
  • New Year Cake and Personalized Photo Cake
  • Photo Birthday Cake and PineApple Photo Cake
  • Special photo cake and Spiderman Cake
  • Wedding Anniversary Cakes

This list has everything that is needed to add more sparkle and fun to any ongoing special occasion and event. When you opt for an online birthday midnight cake delivery in Delhi, you simply get more choices from leading online cake shops that know how to bring the best out of available cake ingredients matching the food habits and culinary needs of food lovers who give preference to quality over price and discounts. If you are really interested in eating your own photo, then nothing can be a greater option than a photo cake that is made only for you.



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