Customized Valentines Cake On A Budget

Perhaps kids like cakes more than young ones, adults and older people. That is why cake is more important for them when it comes to celebrating their birthdays with great pomp and show around. Gone are the days when kids were satisfied with what was made available to them by parents. Now, they love to have something unique and customized for their important occasion. Hence, you can’t make them feel comfortable with classic cakes. It is high time to arrange some designer birthday cake for the kids as these cake options are modern and reflect the customized needs and preference of kids as well as all who are ready to clap around a cake.

When we talk about designer cakes, the very first thing that strikes our mind is the best cake from leading cake experts but with a high price tag. Things become more intricate when you have a tight budget but you are not interested in getting things compromised. So the best thing you can do is to look at what is available around in terms of classic or customized cake flavors. Another thing that matters the most is the cost of online cake delivery in Delhi. It is great if you can get is free of cost to match with your budget.


Although vanilla buttermilk, funfetti, vanilla chocolate chip, red velvet, and chocolate are some of the classic cake flavors, yet following are the custom cake flavors that are ready to rock and give you a surprise element for customized valentine’s cakes on a budget. These custom cake flavors are yummy and include the following surprises:


  • Coconut (seasonal) with classic cake fillings
  • Decadent and full of rich banana with nutella butter cream
  • Fresh grated carrots with crushed pineapple and toasted coconut
  • Moist and zesty lemon pound with lemon meringue butter cream
  • Pure almond extracts with a dense crumb for sculpted cakes
  • Velvety, moist pumpkin spice (seasonal)

If you have a tight budget, you can ask cake designers for a flavor that is not too costly. Seasonal flavors seem to be less costly.  Apart from flavor it is cake filling that matters the most in different conditions. So you can try premium cake fillings: truffle cream, apricot meringue butter cream, caramel meringue butter cream, espresso meringue butter cream, lemon meringue butter cream, nutella meringue butter cream, and passion fruit meringue butter cream. Giving equal importance to the choosing of custom filling additions can also do wonders with the following: apricot jam, lemon curd, pure Belgian ganache, pure caramel, raspberry jam, and strawberry jam.



Kids’ birthday budget is in your hands as you can manage things yourself. Go online check various website and compare cake products on the basis of flavor, design, size, ingredients used and above all price. Never compromise on quality. When everything is before you, it is time to take a good decision without making your kids feel compromised.



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