7 romantic photo cake ideas

Have you as a lover ever imagined what is the right and secret way of telling someone that you love them unconditionally? Obviously you might have some gift ideas striking your mind for giving someone as a token of your love. Things become more important when they give you a reason to show your love and affection openly alone or among all. You can find these occasions in the form of a birthday, anniversary, Valentines’ Day, etc. When there is an occasion, you need to get benefited from that occasion with a perfect and unique gift that takes your romance to the next level. If you are living in Faridabad, then you can try designer cakes in Faridabad through some online cake shops that deal in the selling and supplying of photo cakes for adding more spice to your romance with him or her.


If you are searching for the best online cakes in Noida, Faridabad or Gurgaon, then you need to check out what is available around at an online cake shop that you like. If you need some help to find some really different ideas for a photo cake, try these teasers.

  1. Two love birds, two cute animals and two flowers touching each other is simply the best photo image that is liked by all without a doubt.
  2. Your wedding photograph with some lovely moments is enough to take things to the next level when you think of a perfect cake topping. Flavors can be your own choice.
  3. As the trend of taking selfies has captured all, it is high time to send your online cake shop a latest selfie where both of you are close to each other and pouring love on each other.
  4. A photograph that depicts the scenario when you meet him or her first time almost a stranger will be a special idea. If you don’t have such a photograph, then try another image that both of you captured for the first with each other.
  5. Nothing can be a great option than a delicious hand crafted cake, ready to serve you with a personalized and loving inscription imprinted on the top of your cake along with your intimate photograph.
  6. Romance means love in the air so the mesmerizing idea to give a new face to the photo cake is adding your photos where you are seen as a couple kissing each other.
  7. If you are bold and can go beyond limit, why don’t you ask your cake designer for adding an edible rice layer paper for a photo cake where you are seen closer or almost physical with your partner? Go for it when hugging and kissing are not enough for you.

These 7 ideas are simply going to rock and make things happen via a photo cake online delivery service for you.



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