Photo Cake Delivery On A Budget

In the last couples of year, photo cakes have become a big craze among all cakes lovers who like to celebrate their important occasions with cakes as a central attraction. The utmost presence of mesmerizing photo cakes is enough to steal the show and bring the best out of party amongst all distinguished guests. The broader meaning of a photo cake is just a cake with an image of any cartoon character, a personal photograph, or any other image that is close to your heart. An online cake shop in Delhi is ready to take things to the next level with a wide and exhaustive variety of photo cakes available online.

When we simply talk about photo cakes, we clearly mean celebration of events in a real style. They emerge as an absolutely unmatched option. As the concept has already become quite a rage among cake lovers, the value and importance of having photo cakes has been doubled. A large number of people like to throng to online cake shops and want to have some images on the cake. There are numerous cake shops in Faridabad that deal in the selling and supplying of photo cakes for various occasions. With these cakes, it is easy to bring happiness and invite people to be a part of the forthcoming event. Although there is no dearth of photo types that can be used for displaying on the top of the cake, yet following is just a simple collection of topmost options, liked by all. These include



  • Electronic gadget and device images
  • Kids themed images inspired by cartoon character
  • Personal images of family and friends
  • Popular images of celebrities and VIPs
  • Science fiction-based images
  • Vehicle images in 3D

The above-mentioned range of photo cakes is selling like hot cakes. The prime thing about these cake options is that all cake lovers can have their choice pictures and photographs replicated exactly on the cake. Online cake shops ask their customers to send their choice images with high-resolution or choose other photographs available around. Cake lovers can send cake shops a CD or pen-drive. Cake shops also scan a hard-copy of photographs loaded into the system.


When you are online, you get lots of options and can have an anniversary and birthday cake delivery in Delhi. Photo cakes are just close to everybody’s heart as they are unique and are made customized as per the choice of the photo cake lovers. If you have fed up of using the old and traditional cakes with restricted designs and textures, it is high time to think beyond and say no to what is available online. Now move ahead and take things to the new level with truly amazing and highly popular photo cake options. So what are you waiting for as it is the right time to add a personal touch and surprise all with what is available on the table.


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