Serving up dream photo cakes online

Getting a perfect cake is no less than making a dream come true. The online world is ready to connect you to modern and online cake shops that are popular for delivering a variety of yummy cakes for a number of occasions. These cake shops have cake options for all and there you can expect cake for girls, boys, men, women, older people, a bride, a groom, and a number of occasions that you like to celebrate with your near and dear ones. If you are looking for the best, then you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the elements of cakes’ taste, design, flavor, size, use of ingredients, and price factor. Think beyond these elements as these elements are common with cake and will also be a part and parcel of cakes forever. In addition to these things, all you need to consider is a photo cake. Yes, you heard the right word! A photo cake in Delhi with your own photograph or any other character of your choice can make a big difference.



Photo cakes are for all and for all occasions and you can easily have them with the help of an online cake delivery in Delhi NCR. Let’s have a look at some of the dream photo cakes that you can have online for celebrating a number of occasions. These include:


  • For birthdays: A beautiful picture of a boy or a girl is enough to catch all eyes as the picture clearly indicates that the cake is meant for the boy or girl. If you think there should be something unique, then you can consider some characters that are close to your heart. Think of an image of a celebrity or a cartoon character printed on the top of the cake with an edible rice layer.
  • For anniversaries: The successful completion of a marriage, career, and live-in-relationship needs to be celebrated. The image of a marriage certificate, wedding couple, office promises or logo, and the cute couples is ready to make an impression.
  • For festivals and holy days: When it comes to celebrating festivals, then image of the lords can give you a reason to celebrate the festival in an effective manner.
  • For Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day: Say your mama or papa that you are the best with their latest or old photographs that remind them of their past moments that they spend when you was not with them.
  • For Valentine Day: On lovers day, an image of two birds kissing each other, two branches coming together, two animals hugging each other, and two couples in an intimate posture can make a real difference.


An online photo cake delivery in Delhi ensures that these cakes are made only for you and you can have them sitting at home. If you need something different this time, the best thing you can do is to get connected to cake designers to get something unique and occasion-friendly.



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