Why We Love Photo Cakes (And You Should, Too!)

A photo cake is simply a unique cake as it induces a big difference between a cake with an image and a cake with designs. A photo cake looks different due to its ability to attract all with an image that may be of the person for whom the cake is meant for or any other character that is popular and liked by all. You can also call the same character as a celebrity or themed character. Today, there is a spate of virtual cake shops in the online world and cake lovers have multiple choices for having their choice and preferred photo cake in Delhi and its nearby areas, such as Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.


When you opt for the photo cake in Delhi, the online cake shops give you a choice of having a cake with your own image of any other image that is liked by you. This image can be of a cartoon character, your favorite movie star, your loving TV actors, or any other thing that is close to your heart. Basically, the things that are close to your hearts are your favorite cars, bikes, watches, pets, books, music instruments, movie poster, dream vehicle, etc. Now, the question is why all of us should love photo cakes


  • Photo cakes are a unique concept and make themselves apart from what is available in the market for many years. They bring a variety to all cakes and bid an adieu to traditional and restricted cake options.
  • When you start searching for cakes online in Delhi, photo cakes are found close to one’s heart as they simply make cake lovers happy and satisfied.
  • They simply bring a smile on our faces when you put a single glimpse on them. They come in all flavors or can be customized as per changing needs.
  • Photo cakes become a central attraction when they are placed on a table and people around watch them avidly. Photo cakes make a cheerful environment and catch all eyes.
  • Photo cakes that are themed are close to kids as their favorite characters they like to see. When kids see an image of their favorite characters they simply go hilarious.

If you are interested in adding something extra to your all sorts of photo cakes, then cake designers can help you flawlessly decorate your cake with exquisite photos and images of your loved ones. Expect an image that has something funny and X factor. You can also opt for a image of a scenery, a company logo or any other images that you need to decorate your cake.  Remember that those images should be A4 in size. If you are going to place an order cake online in Delhi, noida and Faridabad, make sure you give emphasis on your food preferences and photos that you like the most as these factors will make the cake more personal and special.


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