7 Things About Happy Birthday Cake Delivery Your Boss Wants To Know

The only thing all cake lovers know is that there are various online cake shops where they will get a wide and exhaustive variety of cakes matching their food preferences and for all occasions and events. Do they know how cakes are delivered at their doorsteps or what is a cake delivery process? How cake delivery boy make things happen is the prime question? If you are a cake delivery boy and ready for birthday cake delivery, you should have everything ready on your fingertips. As you are about to move your first step out of the cake shop, you boss likes to ask you how prepared you are to do the job of a birthday cake delivery in  Noida, or any other part of the national capital of India, Delhi.



A cake delivery process seems an easy job when you view things from a distance. For you it is all about carrying a cake and delivering it to the address for which it is meant for. But the grass is not always greener on the other side. As a cake delivery boy you have the biggest responsibility of delivering the cake to the doorstep of the cake lovers. So, you need to consider the following aspects when you plan to place a cake order in Delhi. These include:


  1. First of all, make sure that you have a right address and the right cake to be delivered in a location that is known to you.
  2. Make a communication with the customer before you start your bike and put cake in the cake box.
  3. Check if the cake you are going to deliver is meant for the same address. When the box is ready make sure you have the right address from the cake counter.
  4. If you are local, it is very good. If not, don’t worry. Just carry a GPS system with you to avoid any sort of hassle when you are in traffic.
  5. Give preference to the time management as it ensures you will be able to deliver cake in time. Always set out for finding the right destination 30 minutes or 1 hour in advance as per need of busy roads and traffic conditions.
  6. You should reach the spot always in time no matter how honest you are in delivering the cake as it is the prime objective of all cake delivery services.
  7. Finally, you have reached the location and about to ring the bell. Get ready to talk with the customer in a cordial manner as you are not only delivering the cake but also representing the cake shop.

Whether you are going to fulfill the birthday cake delivery or anniversary cake delivery in Delhi NCR, make sure you consider all these 7 points in advance so that you can make things happen and make a successful cake delivery without facing any sort of hassles when you are on the road and are searching for the right location with or without a GPS system


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