Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Photo Cakes?

Cakes have been around us for many decades and are used widely in all corners of the world in order to celebrate lots of happy events and occasions. As cakes come in a wide and exhaustive variety, they are chosen by cake lovers on the basis of their food preferences and need of the occasion. Kids and girls like to go for chocolate cakes whereas young and adults like to go for pineapple and strawberry cakes. These days, online cake shops are in huge demand by the people who like to shop online and get their choice cakes delivered at their doorsteps with the help of the best online cake delivery in Delhi. If you go online, you will find that photo cakes are being sold like hot cakes.



When we talk about customized cakes in Noida, we clearly like to go for photo cakes that are in fashion. These trendy cakes are the first choice of all as they represent the individual style of cake lovers for whom the cakes are meant for. It is nothing but the edible image toppers that are placed on the top of the cake to give it a new look and appearance. This image can be yours or any other character liked and favored by you. Suppose you are a cake designer and you are supposed to do the job of cake designer at an online cake shop, then what photos you will select for making a perfect and flawless photo cake matching the needs of the occasion. There is no dearth of photo cakes when you are online but unique cakes always matter the most as they represent the choice and likings of cake lovers as per their needs. Following is a simple list of top photo cakes, available in the competitive market for all tastes and preferences, you can consider:


  • Top Dad Magazine Cover Photo Cake
  • Ben Ten Birthday Cake and Corporate Logo Cake
  • Times Magazine Cover Photo Cake
  • Personalized Times of India Newspaper Cake
  • New Baby Announcement Newspaper Cake
  • Hottest couple newspaper cake
  • Big Brother Personalized Photo Cake
  • Best brother personalized photo cake
  • Happy anniversary personalized photo cake
  • Personalized Birthdays are Good Cake
  • Subtle love personalized photo cake
  • Abiding love personalized photo cake
  • Candy kid personalized photo cake
  • Polka dots personalized photo cake
  • Happy Birthday Kids Photo Cake
  • Cute Pink Kids Personalized Photo Cake
  • Life is a party personalized photo cake
  • Chirp chirp personalized photo cake
  • Grandma Personalzied Photo Cake
  • Wonderful husband personalized photo cake
  • Interesting dad personalized photo cake
  • Daddy day personalized photo cake
  • Personalized Count the Memories Mom Photo Cake
  • Loving mom personalized photo cake
  • Best Mom Personalized Photo Cake
  • Personalized Birthday Photo Cake for Mom

This list is just a glimpse of what is available online when you think of having online photo cake delivery in Delhi and Faridabad. You can simply find hundreds of photo-themed cakes that are made only for you.


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