How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Designer Cakes

Designer cake simply signifies a variety of cakes with innovative designs that also include a custom design. Gone are the days when people were used to get satisfied with a simple plain cake just with name and happy birthday messages. Nowadays, people look for style and design along with quality and uniqueness, and the same thing they like to see with cakes.  With the evolution of online cake services, designer cakes have become too popular among the people. Now, people residing in Delhi NCR region can easily look for designer cakes from online cake Delhi.



Designers happy birthday cake really give cake lovers a stunning look with an amazing taste, so even a minor mistake with it can destroy its’ stunning look. So, let’s know about what may be some problems with designer cakes so that you can provide best delivery for designer cakes in Delhi, Faridabad, Noida or Gurgaon. So, have a close look at the problem that you as a cake enthusiast may face while preparing designer cakes:


Piping butter cream start spreading

This usually happens when butter cream is hot, as hot butter cream is thin due to which it can easily spread over cake. So, always try to do butter piping in cool or moderate temperature.

Cream cheese frosting start running

Cream cheese frosting has soft texture than butter, so if it’s running then first be sure that it is not warm. If this is not, then problem may be with recipe or ingredients that you have used for making a cake. Here, you should always use full fat cream cheese because low fat cheese can ruin the design and flavor of a cake. Here, you should also keep in mind that you should use icing sugar first in butter to whip.



Cake has cracked on the top

This is really a very disgusting situation, as your whole toppings and designs get cracked. To avoid such situation, you can trim cake to make it level on top and flip it so that you can have smooth top layer as the bottom layer. You can also have liberal covering of frosting hides or whipped cream.


Unable to manage cover a cake with fondant icing neatly


Here, you should have a little bit practice so that you can easily make ice covering with disturbing cake designs. So, once you have completed layer of fondant over your cake, you need to trim off. Here, you should smooth your hand over cake surface to leave air bubbles.


These are some of the problems that you may face while preparing a cake. So, just focus on these problems and try to get rid of such issues with better solutions. This way, you can successfully make birthday cake delivery in Noida and Faridabad along with many others cakes in overall region of Delhi NCR.


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