10 Quick Tips About Photo Cake

A customized photo cake is really an amazing way in order to present your feel for someone to admire with sweet, delicious, and yummy cake. It has really become one the great way, nowadays, to have any kind of photo with a printed view over the top of the cake. Most of the people like to love this new trend for having personalized cakes. People can just now order photo cake online through various online cake shops. If you really want your photo cakes look great, interesting, and wonderful, all you need to do is to just follow some quick tips about some photo cakes as discussed below. So, let’s have a glance at that:

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  1. Have photo print of birthday person

If you need to send cakes for your closed one, try to have their most beautiful photo prints over the cake prepared with a layer of edible rice, so that you can have a big smile over the face of birthday person.


  1. Kids favorite toy photo

If it’s your kids’ birthday, try to print the photo of their favorite toys with lots of colorful images and playing stuff. This is really going to bring a big joy for your child.

  1. Show hobbies with cake

If you are planning to surprise someone with cake on their special occasion, then try to have memorable prints of their hobbies through cake.

  1. Show some pictures of special moment

You can have a print of special moment photos on the cake if you are planning for getting a party together, marriage anniversary, friends’ birthday or any other occasion that you can celebrate with pomp and show.

  1. Couple photo

If you are going to surprise someone with cake on their marriage anniversary, you can show their best photos of marriage with heart and roses.

  1. Best place photo

You can also show the photo of place or destination that they love most so that they can really have their sweet dream with delicious taste.

  1. Multi image photo cake

Show many types of important images through cakes to remind special memory. It brings different memories revived in an effective manner.

  1. Selfie collage photo cake

You can have various pictures of selfie photos printed on the top of your cake.

  1. Valentine day photo cake

If celebrating valentine day, you can show your special moment pictures with flower and heart.

  1. Christmas cake

If it is Christmas, you can have a Santa clause picture adorned with a lively and enchanting Christmas tree.

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So, there are varies of ways through which you can have an amazing photo cake. However, if you are residing in Delhi, there are many online cake shop in Delhi that offers an elegant cake services in Delhi. If you really planning for photo cake or other types of cakes, you can choose these online cake service providers to have a perfect online cake delivery in Delhi NCR with no trouble.


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