Top 10 cake designs for kids

Kids live in their own world and they are free from the tensions. They simply love fun and like all the things that make them feel happy and satisfied. They love to play with toys, watch cartoons, jump on beds, drag everything around them, and interact with everything that they perceive with their eyes. Kids’ innocence and their imagination make them look simple and naughty. We like to spend our time in their company as their presence makes us feel happy and satisfied. Like kids we also love their birthdays and want to celebrate their important days with pomp and show amid lots of kids and invited guests. When you have a list of guest, it means you are ready to throw a party. And may have already ordered the best designer cakes in Delhi to make the gala go cracking. If not, know what is good for your kid’s birthday party.


Before you go ahead and plan to call everyone for a party, make sure you have a cake that not only matches the needs of the occasion but also makes everyone feel amazed with the best design that gets the best credits for a stellar performance. If you have no idea what to do, then the best thing you can do is to order cakes online in Delhi and checkout what the online world has for you and your little cherub. Following is a brief list of some of the top cake design types for your kids. You can easily have all of them at an online shop that deals in the selling and supplying of a wide and exhaustive assortment of exquisite and yummy cakes that are simply enough to steal your heart. Let’s have a look at some of the popular cake designs:  


  1. Swimming pool cake
  2. Doodle and fish tank cake
  3. Dig and half birthday cake
  4. Funfetti cake
  5. Bear and basketball cake
  6. Hello kitty cake
  7. Princess and the pea cake
  8. Circus cat cake
  9. Train and leprechaun cake
  10. sunshine and butterfly cake


All these cake types are renowned and widely used by parents for marking the birthdays of their kids. All these cakes can be expected at your doorstep with the help of a birthday cake delivery in Delhi and its nearby areas where you plan to throw the party and cut the mouthwatering cakes.  These top ten cakes are just like a drop in the ocean. When you are online you will find thousands of cakes that are designed by cake experts and designers keeping the choice and likings of kids in mind. When you place an order for cakes online in Delhi, make sure the online shop has a special category of cakes only for kids so that you get the best cakes that are meant only for your kids. Also ensure that you are going to have your online order in time without wasting your precious time.


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