Cake decorating idea for photo cake in Noida

Photo cakes are simply the best and the most popular type of personalized gifts for people of all ages. They also show the changing trends and styles of food habits and modern cakes for various birthday and anniversary parties in Noida and its adjacent areas. When it comes to giving cake an individual look, then it is necessary that you should have some better and interesting cake decorating ideas for a photo cake delivery in Noida that not only reflects creativity but also make people feel amazed.  


 Great cartoon characters, movie characters, and TV serial characters have always been close to the heart of kids, young, grown ups, and older people. These characters have a special place in the memories of people as people feel happy whenever they put a glimpse on these characters. Some are favorites and some are a big resource of fun and happiness to people. These characters are a huge resource of inspiration and ideas for online photo cakes. Kids love to see these characters not only on televisions but also on their cakes. Thanks to the cake delivery service from a professional cake shop for making things happen when cakes are booked.



Following are some of the interesting photo cake types that you can own to add more vividness and fervor to your forthcoming occasion. These cakes are available at local online cake shop in Delhi and & Noida and you can have them at your table with online cakes delivery in Noida. Let’s have a look at some of the popular cake types that are ready to rock the party and give you a reason to make a real difference to your upcoming event. These include:


  • Avengers cool photo cake and Daffy duck photo cake
  • Goku Team Photo Cake and Ninja turtles photo cake
  • Simba photo cake and Shrek photo cake
  • Motu Patlu Cake and Aladdin photo cake
  • Avatar photo cake and Tom and Jerry photo cake
  • Jasmine photo cake and Cindrella cake photo cake
  • Mickey and Pluto photo cake and Shield photo cake
  • Donald duck photo cake and Hulk photo cake
  • Transformers photo cake and Spider man black photo cake
  • Captain america photo cake and Captain photo cake
  • Avengers – Black widow photo cake
  • Avengers team photo cake and Thor photo cake
  • Hawkeye photo cake and Alvin and Chipmunks photo cake
  • Bugs Bunny Photo Cake and Cute Scooby Doo Photo cake
  • Doraemon photo cake and Fiery Goku Dragon Ball Photo cake
  • Jerry photo cake and Johnny bravo photo cake
  • Kungfu panda photo cake and Shaktiman photo cake
  • Winnie the pooh photo cake and Chhota Bheem Cake

All these cakes are simply a reflection of the image of a cartoon character in the form of an edible rice layer and the importance of cake on a particular day.


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