Fresh Baked photo cake in faridabad

Cakes can be special, ordinary or highly-decorated with top quality stuff. But, nothing can be more mesmerized and eye-catching than a photo cake that has the ability to rock the party and make all go wild with just a glimpse of it. A photo cake is a cake with personalized images or popular images of characters that are close to your heart. With an extra layer of edible rice paper, an online cake shop gives a special look and appeal to the cake so that it can represent the event in a real manner. Things become more interesting when you get a fresh baked photo cake in Faridabad and its nearby areas.


When you place an order for photo cake in Delhi, you find that a photo cake is not restricted to any special category. Following is a short list of fresh baked photo cake variety that you can expect in Faridabad and its nearby areas. This list has some selective cakes that are widely used and preferred by people of all types when it comes to celebrating important events. Here you can find your choice photo cake in Noida, Faridabad Gurgaon, and Delhi. The cakes that are a part of the list include:

  • Disney Mickey and Donald photo cake
  • Disney Princess eggless photo cake
  • Disney Princess Photo Cake 2kg
  • Disney Cinderella Photo Cake; MacQueen Photo Cake
  • Mickey And Minnie eggless photo cake Mickey And Minnie 2kg
  • Winie the Pooh Eggless Photo Cake
  • Disney Princesses Eggless Photo Cake
  • Disney mickey and donald Eggless Photo Cake
  • Disney princess B Eggless Photo Cake
  • Disney princess C Eggless Photo Cake
  • Disney family children’s eggless Photo cake
  • Minnie Eggless Photo Cake
  • Ben children’s eggless birthday photo cake
  • Ben 10 Eggless Photo Cake; Mermaid Eggless Photo Cake
  • Spider Man Eggless Photo Cake; Disney Children’s Eggless Photo Cake
  • Personalized Eggless Photo Cakes

Online photo cakes are for all occasions and events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, and special days that bring you close to your near and dear ones. Following is a procedure that you need to follow to have a photo cake at your doorsteps via an online cake delivery shop. It includes:


  1. Just choose a photo cake category matching you needs
  2. Select the cake on the basis of its design, size, and recipe
  3. Buy or personalize that cake to décor it individually
  4. Give delivery details for having cake on time
  5. Checkout the delivery of photo cakes at your doorstep

So, what are you waiting for as a beautiful and yummy photo cake is ready to rock the party with your individuals or favored images on in. Just ask your online local shop for a photo cake, upload your image, and get ready to stun all who are ready to clap for you around the cake.


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